louis tomlinson

louis and you are boyfriend and girlfriend you live in the same house and what happens when you have your first fight he is your everything in so many ways harry is your best friend hes like a older brother to you the boys love you there always there when you need suport


5. the car ride

"hey guys" "oh my god y/n i thought i killed you oh my god i love you so much you know i love you right y/n i love you so much please don't ever die on me" "louis calm down i love you to louis i love you". louis kissed you and eveyone in the waiting rooom awwed. Niall helped you into the elevator and to the rental van. " heyb louis i think i will drive" said zayn. " fine but i get to sit next to the beautiful lady" said louis. "ok". Louis sat next to you. "y/n im so sorry i promise im just i really didnt mean to im really sorry" "its fine louis its ok" " no it isnt i broke your arm and fractured your knee" "louis relaxe" you said cudling next to louis. Louis was holding you and kept wispering "i love you i love you". 

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