louis tomlinson

louis and you are boyfriend and girlfriend you live in the same house and what happens when you have your first fight he is your everything in so many ways harry is your best friend hes like a older brother to you the boys love you there always there when you need suport


7. Telling Louis

 You and harry left the Louis house. Louis was gonna try to bake cupcakes and needed the cupcake mix. You were at target. "harry can i tell you something" "anything y/n" " how do i tell Louis he is gonna be a dad" "Are you serious" "yeah" "i'm so happy for you" "when is your due date" " July 31st " "we will be on tour" "i know" "don't worry" "i'm not but how do i tell Louis"  "You  could do like full house" "no" "tell him after we all leave" "OK". You and harry walked in and got cupcake mix. When you got to Louis house they baked cupcakes. All six you and the boys sat down and ate the cupcakes and left. well the four boys left you and Louis stayed it was your house. You and Louis were on the couch talking, you took his hand and put it on your stomach. "y/n" " Louis your gonna be a dad" "i'm to young to be a father". Louis left the house not telling you were he was going just that he wont be back. You drove over to harrys flat. He awserd the door and heard you crying. "come in". You sat down on the couch and cried. " Whats wrong" "louis said he  was to young to be a father and left and the only thing he said was i wont be back" "louis" "yes" "im so sorry y/n your welcome to stay hear as long as you want". A few months have past and you were going to get an ultrasound. Louis wasn't coming with you just the other four boys louis hasnt spoken to you since you told him he was going to be a dad. The boys watched the screen as the images of the baby appeard. "wow" said the boys. The doctor printed pictures and gave them to you. When you were done and in the car you called louis. he didnt awnser but you left a message. "louis i dont care if your mad at me but you shouldnt be mad at the baby its your kid to by the way we are having a girl". 

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