louis tomlinson

louis and you are boyfriend and girlfriend you live in the same house and what happens when you have your first fight he is your everything in so many ways harry is your best friend hes like a older brother to you the boys love you there always there when you need suport


2. store

louis was there in the food section. He picked you up bridal style and ran down the iles. Harry was knocking stuff of the shelves, into the cart. It had been almost thirty minuits so you both ran to the dollor section to meet the boys. When you got there you were goffing off with the boys, and getting crayons off the shelves. Wile you were with the boys louis was cecking out. You and the boys decided to get somthing to drink at the starbucks in target. "hi welcome to starbucks what would you like" the tall lady with green hair said. " i want a vanila with 2 squirts of raseberry" you said. "Well today i would like two hazelnut frapicinos" said liam. "i would like one vanila lced coffie" said niall. "i want a hot chocalate" said zayn. "Today i think l will try the vanillia frapicino" "thats  $48. 98" . Harry handed her the money and she handed everyone there drinks. You were holding yours and louis. "  here louis" "thanks". Louis put the bags in the trunk. He was pulling out of the parking lot win, one car ran into the left side and one into the right. You were unconsious along with niall harry and zayn. 

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