louis tomlinson

louis and you are boyfriend and girlfriend you live in the same house and what happens when you have your first fight he is your everything in so many ways harry is your best friend hes like a older brother to you the boys love you there always there when you need suport


3. Car crash

"LOUIS!" liam screamed. "shutup cal 911 there out cold" "ok". As liam got out his phone a crowd got out surounded the car. The two cars that hit you dove off. "hello this is 911 whats your emergency" "Im in the car with 6 people there all uncontious exept me and the driver" "And whats your location sir and i need your name" "my names Liam Payne and my bestfriend was pulling out of target on 6th street when one car crashed into oneside and anouther car crashed into the other sides" "Are the two cars that crashed into you still at the seen" "No mam they wernt harmed and both drove off hurry please there unconsious" "Liam sir we have an ambulance on its way do you hear the sirons and is there a way out" "yes the door on the left side is the only one thats opens and the amulance arived" "ok sir im gonna hang up" "ok". Liam hug up the phone the abulance people there were two orderd  evryone out of the car everyone was awake now and fine just a headake know broken bones exept you. Everyone got out and walked into the large ambulance. The guy went inside and carried you to the ambulance, he layed you down on the streter. he gave everyone ice packs. The ambulance was  on its way to the hospital. The doctor in the ambulance took your blood pressure, pulse, and tepeture. He taped an icepack to you and wraped the parts of your body with glass in it and shined a light in your eye. You woke up just as it was about 10 miniutes to the hospital." y/n i love you with all my heart stay strong please dont go i love you, You are my world y/n you saved my life i love you". Louis said.

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