louis tomlinson

louis and you are boyfriend and girlfriend you live in the same house and what happens when you have your first fight he is your everything in so many ways harry is your best friend hes like a older brother to you the boys love you there always there when you need suport


8. baby

You and louis still havent talken. It was july 31st. You wernt expecting it to be born right on the due date. You were at the park with the boys there on a break from there tour but louis was at the hotel. "my stomach hurts" " do you want to go t the doctor" "yes". the boys drove you to the hospital. The doctor said "your baby is fine but i think you should give birth.". Harry called louis he awnsered. "hello" "i know you may not want to be a dad right now but thats not th kids fault she is at the hospital about to give birth to your child and your not here" "i am in the parking lot waiting for you guys" "louis" "hang on im almost at the room" "ok bye". 1 minut later louis came into the room. He stood right beside you " y/n i love you im really sorry i know ive been a jerk  but please forgive me this is our child not just yours" . You forgave louis then had your baby. you named it Carly. niall picked the name. 

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