louis tomlinson

louis and you are boyfriend and girlfriend you live in the same house and what happens when you have your first fight he is your everything in so many ways harry is your best friend hes like a older brother to you the boys love you there always there when you need suport


1. partynight

Earlyer that day your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, invited you over to hang out with the boys. He said he'd pick you up at 7pm. You looked at the purple clock, it said 5. I better get ready you thought. First you turned on the water to get warm, then you went to your closet and picked out black croptop, high wasted shorts, and black converse. You walked into your bathroom got a towl , set it doen on the counter and hoped in the shower. After you got out and dryed up, you put on makeup, and you desided to wear the necklace louis got you last year when you turnned 21. When you were done it was about 7. You decided to go into your living roomand get on instagram for a bit. About 6 minutes after seven, you heard the doorbell ring. "hey louis" "hey y/n can you spend the night were going over to harrys his moms there" "um yeah why not let me go get a bag , come in louis feel free to take a seat i will be back in a minute" "ok love". Quickly you ran upsairs from to your room, grabed three outfits you knew youd be there more than one night, and took your makeup bag with you. Backdownstairs you went. "wow y/n i didnt know a girl could get redy that quick, takes long for zayn to do his hair" " i heard that louis" zayn yelled from the window. "well lets go" louis grabed your bags and put them in the trunk. "y/n" the boys scramed while they practically knocked you out of the car. " hey" you said as you put on your seat belt. "louis lets go to target" "for what liam" "uh we need stuff to do tonight, duh" "ok" Louis said making a turn onto the sreet that target was on. Everyone heard sirens.        " Louis its the cops" niall said. " not agin" he pulled over to the side of the road. "he always gets pulled over" you said "aint that right " niall said. "shutup" louis said as the officer came to the window. "i pulled you over you were doing a 20 in a 40" "um yeah" "im not gonna give you a ticket but drive faster" "ok thanks officer have a nice day" "you to" the officer went to the car. As you were pulling into target. Everyone got out of the mini van. " louis why'd you park so far back.". He picked you up and put you on his shoulders and started running. The boys ran after you you were laughing as louis ran. "see y/n you need to laugh more often" "you always make me laugh" you kissed louis as he put you down in the target. "ok game plan pick teams" liam said. You were with harry louis was with niall and zayn and liam. " lets sepreat meet back at the dollar section in 30 minutes" everyoe screamed than ran off. Harry put you in a cart and ran you down the ile than you got out. "lets go get food" 

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