underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

#luke #calum #katie #mia #trouble


6. 5

"Hey sweetie get dressed your dad and mom are coming to visit." My grandma said. "She's not my mother." I said in stern voice.

I ran to my room. Katie came after me yelling to come back.

I sat down on my bed crying into my hands. Katie sat down beside me and put her hand on my shoulder. "I'm so mad at him I - I hate him." I screamed. "No you don't you hate her." She said in a soft voice. She's right I thought. I hate "her" and wished she was never born.

"Their gonna be here in 5 minutes so look presentable." My grandma.

"Katie I'm not looking presentable for that b**** can I borrow one of your emo tee's." I'm in for it now. She hates being called emo. I know she's not but her clothes are. She gave me a long glare. "I hate you." She said as she grabbed her maroon shirt with a hawk on it. "You still look good no matter what you do you just aren't edgey." She smirked.

"Dye my hair." I yelled. Katie rolled her eyes at me. Before I knew it she grabbed her red hair dye from her bag an died the tips of my hair. "I just did the tips cause I'm not dyeing all your hair cause that's my thing." She said In a sassy voice. I looked in the mirror. "W-h-a-t have I done" I gaped. I put on my shoes and Katie and I went out to the living room.

"Mia Jane Kinthrey" My grandma gaped. I looked at my dad. He didn't seem to care. Katie whispered to me that she was gonna go to the bathroom. "I'm gonna show you mother and father around." She's not my mother I thought. "Oh I'm fine I'm gonna catch up with this darling." Said my step mom Cindy. As soon as my dad and grandma left I started to get scared.

"Wow I never thought you could get more ugly than you already were." Cindy smirked. "Shut the f*** up you bi***." She slowly walked over to me. Her knee soon connected to my stomach. I wanted to scream but I resisted. I came here to get away from her and 4 days later she's back. Katie came waking out and she say me and Cindy and I could tell she knew something happened. I have her our secret hand signal to tell her not to speak. I walked out with Katie grabbing my stomach just enough to stop the pain but not enough for her to see.

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