underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

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(Just an FYI this is my last, sex scene. And my friend helped me on it, so we're both sorry if it sucks but it's not until a little while later in the chapter, and another reminder this chapter is going to be in all cals and katies POV but read at your own risk I will give anther not when it happens and when it ends so if you just want to skip that part just look for the bold txt, thanks for reading, one more thing (sorry) but now we are currently a month and a half fast forward, so the story isn't sooooo long.

Katie's POV

I woke up and hopped into the shower. I just moved in with Cal about a month and a 1 week ago. And it's been pretty good. Beside me wondering how my dad's doing, and if he is still drunk as ever. But I tried to put it aside. Currently Calum is out with the guys recording a music video. They aren't famous (not that they don't have the talent) but they are getting pretty popular. And they have been viewed by a record label, but still no commitments.

I started lunch, lol I've slept till 1 o'clock. Usually Mia wakes me up. I do miss her, I really truly do. But what choice do I have, but to try to put my sorrow aside. We're still friends, we text everyday, but it's just not the same. I still don't have any girlfriends here, so I hang out with the guys. But it doesn't faze me, beside if Mia was here we would both still be hanging out with the boys.

I cooked bacon and pancakes, but it I broke Calum's whisk halfway through, so I had to use a fork to mix the powder. I sat down on the couch and watched Cal's little flatscreen. I was watching 'the breakfast club' when I heard that voice. "Honey I'm home!" Calum yelled like he was in one of those cheesy old fashioned shows. I started to laugh as he came over to me. "Your just now eating breakfast!" He laughed. "And watching the BREAKFAST club." I said emphasizing breakfast.

Me and Cal watched movies all the way until 7:47 pm. So basically 3 movies, and pounds of food. As the Lego movie ended (Cal's pick) I got up and got ready for bed.

I took of my shirt and pants and went to go get clothes when I was caught by a shimmer of glass. It was the sunsets glare on the mirror. I stood there looking in the horrid mirror. I looked fat. Calum say I'm not, but I feel like I am. It's all cause of my dad. I felt tears cons from my eyes. I traced my fingers along my stomach, still loking at the mirror. I then brought my my fingers to trace along my wrist. 3 months clean. Scars. One more addition wouldn't make a difference. Would it? I then opened a small jewelry box. I knew I should of thrown theses out. To prevent from doing what I'm about to do. I put the blade to my wrist. Hesitantly slashing one wrist.


Then another



"You don't deserve him"

And now I'm doing what I used to do, just keep going until all my thoughts are shown on my wrists. After 16 cuts, some on the right and some on the left I put the blades back in the box. I put a light, long sleeved shirt , and some batman pants. Just then Calum came in. "Hey beautiful." He said kissing my cheek. "Hey Calum." I whispered. He looked down at my sleeves. Shit. I forgot the bleeding. "Calum, I, I...," he cut me off by connecting his lips to mine. He trailed down my neck. "Beautiful." He mumbled against my neck. "Smart" "wonderful" "skinny" "perfect" he continued between kissing my sweet spot. I let out a soft moan. He trailed back up my neck. He wrapped his arms around me. He pulled upwards on my shirt, once off he threw behind his shoulder. He the continued on the hem of my jeans. But before he could I directed out body's towards the bed.

(The scene is beginning. If you do not wish to read a sex scene, just continue scrolling, until you see the next bold letters)

He once again brought his attention towards the hem of my pants. He slid them off and threw them to the side. I did the same with his pants and tanktop. I then pulled at his boxers. I slid them down his body and was greeted by his, well ya know. I held me up by my back and undid the hooks of my bra. And the slid down my underwear. He slowly injected himself. His thrusts became more intense as the minutes went by. I moaned loudly in pleasure. "More-Calum-more." I said I between my moans. His notation moved in a perfect rhythm. "Calum I'm tired." I said after some more time.

(End of sex scene)

Calum laid down next to me and wrapped his arm around my torso. I slowly drifted off to sleep with the thoughts, of me giving my virginity to Calum, not because I was forced or pressured, but because I truly wanted to.

I woke to the sun hitting my eyes. I pried open my eyes to find a empty bed next to me. I stood up to find a note taped to the bed. It read:

"Went to the studio with Luke, working on something special!"

I couldn't even think of the million different outcomes that came with Calum and Luke in a studio for hours. I walked into the kitchen and started to make cereal. I had Frootloops that my grandma sent from Indiana, USA. She has this crazy obsession, about Frootloops, but just switched over to Cheerios, so she sent me a boat load of boxes to last me months. She has no one better to send them to, soooo.....

I ate the Frootloops and headed out to town. I honestly didn't know where I was going, but I just rolled with it.

In the end I decided to head to the studio and see the boys. "Calum." I yelled threw the room, even though I could plainly see the boy recording. He stopped once he looked up and saw me. He drew his hand over his throat to signal to cut it. He ran up to me and sat me down. "What are you doin here." He asked, looking over at Luke. "I came to say hi!" I exclaimed. "Well, okay. While your here I need to film you." "Huh?" "We're all doing it." He said. I was still confused but I just went along with it.

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