underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

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****KATIES POV****

As we were walking down the hall to see Calum's dad, my stomach started turn. I felt more confident when I opened the door. I saw Calum's dad laying the bed hooked up to a million monitors. I would of had no idea it was Calum's dad if the door wasn't labeled 'HOOD'. They looked completely different. Like a catipiller compared to a donkey.

"Hi." He said in a low voice. "Hi Mr.Hood." I said trying to sound sweet. "Hi dad." Calum said pulling up two chairs for us to sit in. "So Calum this is your girlfriend?" "Yep, and we're moving in together while she sorts stuff out with her dad." He replied. There was a moment of silence before Calum spoke up.

"Hey I'm gonna go and get some good from the cafeteria. Do you guys want anything?" He asked. "No thank you." I said. And Calum's dad said no too. "K, I'll be back in a few." He said before closing the door.

"So, how are you feeling?" I asked. "In getting better, it's just sore." He said rubbing his chest area. "I'm glad Calum found you." He said out of nowhere. "What do you mean." I asked with a confused look. "I can tell he likes you, he's said so many nice things about you over the phone!" He said with a smile. "Thank you, that means a lot coming from you." I smiled. "You don't have to be so polite around me, just be how you normally are." He said raising his eyebrows. He caught me off by surprise. I didn't expect him to be so relaxed.

"So why are you and Calum moving in together?" He asked. "Umm.....well...." He cut me off. "If it's not to personal." He reassured me. "No it's just I have some issues with my dad, and all." I said weakly. "Oh I'm sorry for asking." He said while looking at hi feet. "No, no don't be sorry it's my life not yours." I laughed. "So how did you two meet?" He asked. "Well my friend Mia, saw Calum and Luke, and made a complete fool of herself, but that isn't when we met them in person, we met them in person when our grandmothers introduced us." I replied. "I know Calum is very happy to be with you, and thank you for dealing with him." He laughed. I laughed along as well. "Do you love Calum, like do ever see your relationship moving forward." His dad asked. "Well...." I was cut off by the door opening.

"Hey I'm back, and I got PIZZA!" Calum said enthusiastically. I giggled at him. We all sat around and talked for a bit before me and Calum left to go stay at a hotel for a night.

****MIA'S POV****

I looked up from Luke's chest and starred into Luke's uncle's eyes. "I want to see my dad." I said shyly. "I don't think that the best idea......" I cut him off. "I want to see him!" I said more boldly. "Well..... ok I guess, would you like me to drive you to the prison." Luke's uncle offered. "No, I want Luke to if you don't mind." I said grabbing my jacket. "No, no I don't mind." He replied.


As I walked into the room with the glass and you talk to the person from the otherside of the glass. I have no idea the technical term. But in my defense it's not on my daily schedule to go to a prison. I sat down at one of the chairs and starred at the foggy glass, with no one behind it. Luke stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders. He bent down and kissed me. His warming kiss made me forget the fact that I'm sitting in a prison waiting to talk to my phsyco father.

Our kiss was broke when in the corner of my eye I saw my father. He was in a orange jumpsuit, and was being escorted by to very large security guards. My hand shook as I picked up the phone. "Hi dad." I said shamefully. "What do you want?" He snapped. "Why?" I questioned shyly. "Why what?" He said in a irritated tone. "Why did you want to kill me!" I yelled. "Your such an idiot aren't you! I wanted your mothers money!" He scoffed. "What do you mean?" I said about to break out in tears. "You really are an idiot! You really thought your moms car accident was a freak thing? Well it wasn't, you hear me I cut your moms breaks, then when she was out of the picture, I thought I could get the money, but you and stupid brother were the only ones in her will, so then I tried to get rid of you two. But that obvisouly didn't work now did it." He scoffed.

****KATIE'S POV****

I set my stuff on the bed and sat down. "So I still don't understand, I thought you had to stay another night in the hospital?" I questioned. "Well I would of, but they said since it was just my shoulder there shouldn't be anything wrong with me." He said. "Oh." I smiled. Calum walked over to me and we started to kiss. "I've missed this." Calum mumbled against my lips. "Me too." I mumbled back. As the seconds passed the kiss got more intense. Calum started to trail down my neck until he hit my sweet spot. I could feel him smile as I let out a moan. We slowly walked backward until we hit the bed. I jumped on the bed only breaking the kiss for a second. Calum slowly crept over me and we continued to kiss. I sat up a bit as Calum tugged on my shirt.

****CALUM'S POV****

I slowly pulled off Katie's shirt the presumed to her bra. I was on the last hook before my phone buzz causing me to pull on Katie's bra. "Ow." She laughed. "Sorry." I smiled before reaching over to grab my phone. I was about to decline the call before I saw who it was. "I'll be right back, sorry." I told Katie before leaving to the bathroom.

****katies pov****

As Calum left from on top of me I smiled at how cute he was. I sat there thinking about how I was willing to go this far with a boy that I met only 3 months ago. Calum then walked out. "What's wrong?" I asked. "My dad." He replied. "What about him?" "He's......."

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