underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

#luke #calum #katie #mia #trouble


21. 18

I slowly pushed Calum off of me. "I got to go get ready." I said standing up. "What for?" Calum asked as I helped him up. "I got to go back to my hometown." I said walking up the dock. "Wait wait, what for?" He asked stepping in front of me. "I have to go to a doctor appointment." I said scooting passed him. "All the way back in you hometown." He questioned as if he thought I were lying. "Ya." I say grabbing my bag. "Can I come with?" He asked. "No." I say bluntly. "Why, cause your lying." He said raising his eyebrow. "I'm not lying." I laugh. "Ya sure." He sighed. I quickly turn around. "You think I'm lying well I'm not I'm going to my doctor so he can give me a cat-scan to check for cancer." I yelled as tears dripped down my face. "Im I'm sorry, I didn't know." He said as wrapped me in a hug. He wiped away my tears with his thumb. I playfully pushed him off. "Well now I have to come." He smiled as he grabbed the bag from my hand.

Ado walked into the house I saw Mia's dad, her grandma, and Cindy sitting at a table. "What's going on?" I asked sitting in the empty seat. "Well Mia is drunk and she hurt Cindy, so we're talking about rehab options." Mia's dad sighed. "Mia's not drunk I will admit she's hungover but she's not drunk, and with all do respect sir Mia's not the problem, Cindy is, she abuses Mia and Austin." I said slamming my hands on the table. "Oh don't listen to her she's probably drunk too." Cindy smiled. Why was she smiling.

Calum walked up and put his hands on my shoulders. "She's not drunk." Calum yelled. Cindy slowly stood up and walked over to the kitchen drawer. She slipped out a knife and ran down the hall. Calum ran after her. I stood up and ran after them. I could hear the footsteps of Mia's dad and grandmother after me. When I walked in I saw a knife sticking out of Calum's shoulder. Tears started streaming down my face as I knelt down beside him. I looked all around but there was no sigh of Mia. Mia's dad ran in and walked over to the corner where Cindy stood.

"We may not of got Mia but we got the boy." Mia's dad smirked kissing Cindy's neck. "Your fucking part of this." I screamed. Calum grabbed the knife from his shoulder and pulled it out. He held up. Blood slowly dripped from it. He waved it towards Cindy and Mia's dad. They slowly backed into the closet. I hurried and pushed it in front of the closet. I watched as Calum collapsed. I ran over and grabbed Mia's grandmother. "Are you a part of this." I screamed. "No I would... I would never." She sobbed. I dialed 911 and told them my situation.

As the medics and police along with the K-9 unit arrived we all went to the living room. I watched as the medics cleaned Calum's wound. He still lied motionless, out cold. I then remembered Austin was still in his room. I rushed down the hall.

As I opened the door I saw him sitting on his bed innocently playing with his stuffed dog. "Hey bud were gonna go out in the living room ok." I said trying to hide all the fear I my voice. "Ok but Mia said to give this to you." He said as he handed me a piece of paper. It read:

Dear Katie,

Please tell my dad I love him. And I want to thank you for everything. For being by my side and helping me with everything. Luke's taking me to a place were I can be happy. He's coming back, I'm not.


I thought I needed an emotional chapter so here it is. ;) love you all so much. Have a great time.

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