underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

#luke #calum #katie #mia #trouble


19. 17

****LUKE'S POV****

"Move over Ashton." I yelled. "This is my couch you go somewhere else." He screamed back. "Where the hell am I supposed to go?" I asked in frustration. "Lay on the floor." He suggested. I sighed. I grabbed a blanket and laid on the floor. I slapped my head. "I forgot a pillow." I whispered to Ashton. "What do you want me to do about it." He scoffed. "Never mind." I said rolling my eyes. I laid there on the cold ground. This is what I get for saving Mia from acting like a slut. I soon fell asleep.

****MIA'S POV****

I woke up to the sound of footsteps. "Oh I'm sorry I'm just closing the blinds, so the sun doesn't go in your little hungover eyes." Katie smiled as she closed the blinds. "My head hurts." I whined. It was a pain I never felt before. "That's what you get for underage drinking." She yelled. "Ow why would you do that." I said grabbing my head. "Maybe next time you'll think before you drink like no tomorrow." She laughed. I laid there with a pillow over my head. "Please just leave." I whined. "Ok ok, me and Calum are going swimming." She said before slamming the door. "Why must you do that." I yelled.

I laid there drifting off to sleep.

****CALUM'S POV****

I intertwined my fingers with Katie's. We walked down to the lake. When we reached the sand, I plopped down pulling Katie with me. "Ow" she yelled as she fell onto me. "Why are you saying ow I'm the one that broke YOUR fall." I laughed. She smiled as she looked back at me. I laid down in the sand and looked at the sky. Katie snuggled up to my side. "You know you have to go back home in month." I said looking at her. She leaned towards my face. Her lips hit mine and she wrapped her arms around me. I ran my hand up and down her arm. I slowly pushed off. "Nice try but your not going to escape this conversation." I laughed. She rolled her eyes as she turned to her back. "I know but it was worth a try." She sighed. "Well have you thought about what I said?" I asked running my hand up her arm. "Yes, I have, I just don't know if I'm ready to leave everything and everyone I know." She sighed. "I know it's hard, but I just want the best for you." I said pulling her head to face me.

She slowly leaned towards me. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me to her. She slowly clashed her lips to mine. Are lips moved in sync. Her kisses always set fire to my lips. But this kiss was different. It wasn't the firey sensation I usually felt, instead it was filled with passion. I broke away, and presumed to kiss her cheek. I slowly laid back into the sand. I put my arm behind Katie's head and laid there as she snuggled close to me.


I slowly got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. I saw Luke laying on the floor. I walked up to him and touched his shoulder. "What." He whined. I laughed a bit."Its Mia." I whispered pulling the blanket down from over his head. "Are you still drunk." He said looking up at me."No just hungover." I sighed. He looked me in the eyes. "You acted stupid last night, I hope you know that." He frowned. "Yeah but I had a great guy to be there for me." I smiled as I kissed his cheek. "So your no mad anymore?" He asked. "How could I be." I smiled. Luke wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to the floor. He crashed his lips to mine. He rubbed my back as are lips danced about. I missed this. I slowly pushed off and stood up. "I'm gonna head back to my house." I told him. He nodded.

As I walked into the house I saw Cindy washing dishes. I walked over and grabbed some water. As I turned around I felt something smack my head. "Ow" I screamed. "Sorry does her head hurt, maybe you shouldn't drink." Cindy whispered in my ear. I grabbed my head. As I slowly brought my hand down I realized there was blood leaking from my head. She slapped me up side the head again. "Once your father finds out about this, you'll be coming straight home, back to me." She smirked. I fastly connected my fist to her cheek.

"Oh my gosh, what happened." My dad yelled running up to Cindy and I. Just my luck. I was about to tell my dad about all the things I've kept from him. But before I could Cindy interrupted me. "Mia's... drunk, she came in and fell and hit her head on the counter, and when I tried to help her up she, she punched me." Cindy cried onto my dad's shoulders. "Dad I, I would never..." My dad cut me off. "Mia just go to your room."

"I'm not drunk." I yelled as I slammed the door.

I walked over to my bed and laid down. I started softly crying. It made my raging headache even worse. I picked up my phone and called Luke. This is it, this is the last straw I'm done, with..... everything.

****KATIE'S POV****

Me and Calum talked for about an hour (all happy things) when he just had to bring up the treacherous question. "Will you come home with me." He asked for the millionth time. I pondered on the question this time. I wanted to say yes, I truly did, but I'm scared. I looked at him once more. His eyes were filled with happiness. Mine weren't. I looked at his mouth. His was permanently molded to a smile. Mine held the position of a frown. I looked at his whole face, it was beautiful. I could never feel the same about mine.

"How can I be with someone so different than I." I blurted. "What do you mean?" He questioned. "The definition of Calum Hood is brave, one with a beautiful body, a happy out look on everything, a brilliant mind that would and will do brilliant things..." I looked up at him. "The definition of Katie's Hayz, a ugly girl, with a ugly outlook on the world and everything in it, a person that means nothing on this earth." I said. I wasn't looking for a reaction, I wasn't looking for the attention, I merely just want to say what's on my mind. He looked at me confused.

"Katie, you may not think it but you are a beautiful creature that this world has made, I'm lucky to be apart of you and your life, I love your eyes, your dyed hair, your smile, god do I love your smile, and I'm not talking about that one that do to hide everything your feeling, I'm talking about the one that means your truly happy, and most of all I love you." He smiled. I smiled back. "Yeah that one." He said crashing his lips to mine.

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