underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

#luke #calum #katie #mia #trouble


18. 16

****CALUM'S POV****

I woke up to Katie poking my cheek. "Get up." She chirped. I rolled over to my side and moaned. "Come on, Mia said she making us breakfast." Katie said pouting her lip. She looked so cute. Why do I get so mushy, feelings aren't manly. I rolled onto my back. Before I knew Katie was on top of my staring into my eyes. She plopped down on me with her face buried into my chest. She looked up at me and danced her eyes about. "Please." She whined. I rolled her off and got out from underneath the covers. "I got to go back to my cottage to get clothes." I said walking towards the door. Katie grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the closet. She grabbed a pile of clothes and handed them to me."what are...." She cut me off. "These are clothes I borrowed and ever returned, so." She trailed off. I stood there in my black and grey plaid boxers. "Wow.. not the sight I wanted to wake up to." Mia said smirking shielding her eyes. "Ha ha, at least I have a better bod than your boyfriend." As soon as those words left my mouth Katie connected he fist to my arm. "I mean um." Mia cut me off. "It's fine, really." She stood up and grabbed her jacket. She headed towards the door. She turned around and looked at me and Katie. "You guys will thank me." She smirked. She turned around and left with a mile wide grin on her face.

When I was done getting dress Katie took me out to the kitchen. "She left us a... note?" I said confused. I picked up the note. The words scrolled across the paper read:

"Go down by the lake where Katie first laid eyes on you."

I didn't know where exactly that was, but I wasn't about to tell Katie that. I held out my arm and said "May I." She rolled her eyes as she linked arms with me. As we walked out I looked down at the docks to see if I found Mia. I didn't see her but I did see a dock with a blanket on it along with a wicker basket, so I thought that may be it. As I got closer I saw there were battery powered candles. That girl is so cheesy.

Katie sat down and patted the ground for me to sit. I sat down next her and she leaned up against me. I took out the food. There was bread, heart shaped salami, with matching heart shaped Swiss cheese. At the bottom of the basket there were 3 envelopes. I pulled them out and read each of the envelope covers. There was two entitled Calum one entitled Katie. They were also numbered 1, 2 and three so I figured we had to do them in order. I handed Katie hers. Hers had a one on it so she opened it first.

"Don't be mad at me." She read aloud. She looked up me with a blank expression. I hesitantly opened mine not knowing what to expect. "Ask Katie why she cuts her wrist, don't let her avoid the conversation. I know she wants to tell you but she's just too scared." I read to myself. I looked up Katie. "What's it say." She chirped. "Katie why do you cut your wrists." I spoke softly. "Calum I told you I don't want talk about it." She said looking down towards her feet. "I'm not gonna leave you alone till you tell me." I said pulling her head towards me. "Well you have to let it go." She said sternly. "I won't." I mumbled against her neck. She slowly pushed me away. She'd wrapped her arms around me and started to sob into my shoulder. "It's my dad." She sobbed. "What about your dad." I whispered back. She sat up and played with her necklace. "He's a alcoholic, and he can be mean." She sighed. "Katie you're 18 you don't have to live with him anymore." I said sympathetically. "I know, I know, but I don't want to leave him. He's done so much for me, good and bad." She sighed. "Katie he could hurt you." I raged. "Calum that's thing, he has" she paused and took a deep breath "he tried to kill me." She started to sob again. I leaned closer to and hugged her. I rubbed her back slowly. "Your not going back." I said lifting her head and looking into her eyes. "I know I shouldn't, but I have to." She said wiping her tears away. "Come live with me." I softly spoke. She started to cry again. "At least think about it." I whispered into her ear.

As we walked back into Mia and Katie's room we saw Mia sitting on her bed. There was two piles of clothes next her. "I got clothes for you two, there for the party." She said in a high voice. "You should come." Katie said walking up behind Mia setting her hand on Mia's shoulder. "But Luke's gonna be there." She sighed. "So what, there gonna be like 70 people, your probably not going to even see him." I reassured her. She sighed and plopped down on her bed. "I guess." She sighed.

****LUKE'S POV****

"Hey are you take me to that party at Robby's?" Britney asked crossing her arms. "Well I mean I wasn't planning on it, there's gonna be a lot of drinking, and making out." I trailed off. "Luke we're going, your finally of age to drink so there's no reason not to." She said in a demanding voice. "Fine." I mumbled. "I'm gonna put on something hot." She said before walking into the guest room. That's were she was staying.

Eventually she walked out wearing a short red sleeveless dress. She looked good but not as great as Mia. The best thing about Mia was that she didn't care what she looked like but still managed to look hot. I walked out with her. She was holding my hand, and to be honest it felt kinda weird.

As we walked in my nose was filled with the aroma of alcohol. "Great." I mumbled. "What's that babe?" Britney asked dumbfounded. "Uh nothing." I replied. She pulled me over to the kitchen and handed me a shot. "Nah I'm good." I sighed pushing it away. "Your loss." She winked. She had 3 of them before we left to dance. "I'm gonna be right back." She said walking off towards the hall. It was about mind night by now. I looked around. There were people crashed out on couches, people making out, and people having shot contest, out of it all something caught my eye. It was Mia, she was over in a corner with 5 different guys, she was kissing them one by one. As I walked over there I felt someone grab my hand. I spinned around to see Britney standing there. "Babe, just forget about that slut." She said rubbing my arm. I pulled away and headed over to Mia. Halfway thew I turned and walked back to Britney. "We're thew." I yelled over the music. She slapped me across my face but I didn't really care.

As I walked over Mia started to pull up her shirt. I ran up to her and pulled it down. I face to face with her. She wreaked of alcohol. I grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the door. "Lucas Robert Hemmings, let go of me." She yelled. As was get away from the door something blocked me. I looked up to a 7 foot hulk starring down at me. "She said get away." He slurred. I pushed him aside and walked Mia out.

"Luke leave me alone." She slurred. She was stumbling over her own feet. I put her over my shoulder and took her to my house. I wouldn't dare take her to her house.

As I walked in to my room I set her on my bed. I walked over to my closet to get her clothes, cause hers wreaked. I grabbed my penguin shirt and sweats. "Here put these on." I demanded her. "I sleep in this." She protested. She stood there in a red lace bra and matching underwear. I was about to tell her no but I didn't feel like fighting with her. Especially when I knew she wasn't gonna budge.

She slid down under the covers and turned to her side. As I was turning the knob to leave I heard a faint voice. "Luke." She whispered. "Yes Mia." I sighed in frustration. "Will you lay with me?" She asked. "No Mia." I said firmly opening the door. "Please Luke." She pleaded. I looked back at her to see her half asleep. I knew she would fall asleep faster if I just laid with her, so I did. I slid under the covers and turned facing away from her.

I woke up to a stinging sensation on my face. "Ow." I yelled gripping my face. "Why are you sleeping with her?" Katie asked in a raging voice. "She wanted me to." I said bluntly. "She doesn't know what the hell she wants, she's drunk." Katie yelled. I got out from the cover slowly walking out the door.

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