underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

#luke #calum #katie #mia #trouble


16. 15

As we arrived at StarDiner when my butt started to buzz. I pulled out my phone and saw that I had a text alert. I gave out a huge sigh. "What's wrong babe?" Luke asked kissing my cheek. "Cindy just arrived with my brother." I said rolling my eyes. "You never told me you had a brother." I rolled my eyes again. "Ya cause that was the main point." Luke grabbed my hand to comfort me. "I'm sorry, I'm just stressed. You know what she's capable of." I said sighing in frustration. He kissed my forehead making me blush. "Well I'm starving so let's go eat." I said trying to change the subject.

Luke walked over and opened my door. "Table for 6." Luke said emphasizing the six. "All of you party must be here in order to be seated." Said the lady with the name tag reading "Linda". I looked over at Luke sighing at the frustration. I looked over at the waiting seats and sighed again at the fact there was only one seat left. Luke sat down grabbing my waist, pulling me onto his lap. We sat there for 15 minutes until they started to arrive. Ashton walked in with Michael. There was still no Calum or Katie until five minutes later. "Nice purse." Luke smirked when Calum came in with a blue and black purse around his shoulder. Calum rolled his eyes as he handed the purse to Katie. She started to giggle. Linda started to seat us.

When we were done I went with Luke back to the lake.

"Luke will you come with me she won't do anything if your there." I said in a small voice. Luke leaned in a kissed my ear mumbling "yes". As we pulled up to my driveway I started to get nervous. I have anxiety but this was the most anxious I've been all summer. Luke opened the door for me. As I got out he reached for my hand. I hesitated a little but I couldn't refuse. The door swung open, and my little brother Austin came running out. I knelt down as he came leaping into my arms. I turned my head to see Austin starring at Luke confused. "This is Luke, he's the other man in my life." I giggled. "What's your name." Luke smiled. Austin clung onto my shoulder starting to get teary eyed. "She's so mean to me." Austin cried into my shoulder. I couldn't help but feel so crummy for leaving him home alone with Cindy for 1 month. He wiped away his tears and looked at Luke. "I'm Austin and I'm four." He said, still sounding scared. "Cindy and dad are leaving in a week and when they go you can stay with us." I reassured him. Austin smiled as I lowered him to the ground. Luke walked over to me wrapping his arms around my waist and setting his head on my shoulder. "It's like we're parents." He smirked. I rolled my eyes. I turned around and kissed Luke's lips. Are lips moved together like waves crashing against one another. I could feel him smile through my lips and I did the same.

****LUKE'S POV****

"It's like we're parents." I said smiling. Mia turned around and dove in for a kiss. I could feel my heart dance around in my body. I lowered my hands to just below her waist. I wanted to lower my hands even more, but I knew she would yell at me. But I just couldn't resist. I slowly lowered my hands trying to make her not notice. To my surprisement she never said a word. This was our first full blown make-out sesh. She slowly backed away pushing off from my chest. I saw her look at the door of the cottage. Cindy was giving Mia a death stare. I grabbed her hand and she slowly walked us up to her.

"Hello Cindy." She said in a rather sassy voice. As we walked thew the door I could feel Cindy breathing down my neck. I squeezed Mia's hand harder. We walked down the hall into the living room/ kitchen. I sat down on the couch patting the seat signaling Mia to come sit by me. As she sat down Austin sat on her lap slowly drifting off to sleep. Cindy and Mr.wheeler sat across from us whispering to each other. I could see Mia trying to listen in on them. I could tell by the frustration on her face she couldn't. By now it was late afternoon and I started to get bored. I knew the rest of the guys and Katie were probably doing something way funner, but I knew I couldn't leave Mia. My thigh started to vibrate. "Hey Mikey." I said quietly trying not to disturb anyone. I set down my phone and cuffed my hand around Mia's ear and whispered "want to go swimming, all the guys are going and Katie too." She nodded as she stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Don't we need swimsuits?" I questioned her. "I want to try swimming with my clothes on, I've never done that and it seems so cool." I stopped her and swung her around to face me. "Do you live under a rock." I sighed sarcastically. She hugged me. "I wait to do new things when I'm with people I care about." She said sweetly. She doesn't have a bad bone in her I thought.

I felt kinda bad because I knew she was wearing a white shirt to swim in and I didn't say anything. I stood there trying so hard not to stare, and I knew everybody else was doing the same. I felt even worse cause she seemed clueless, I ripped of my shirt and put it over her head. She must noticed now cause her face turned red. "You guys want to play chicken." I said trying to change the awkward atmosphere. Calum set Katie on his shoulders and I set Mia on mine. "This is no fair, girls are so much lighter than guys." Ash whined. "Oh please your as light as a girl." Michael said putting Ash on his shoulders.

We were in the mist of the game when i heard A loud yell. "Ow." Mia yelled as I dropped her. "Luke." The familiar voice said. "What's she doing here." Calum scoffed.

****MIA'S POV****

"Luke." I heard someone yell as I fell off of Luke's shoulders. As I got up from under the water I saw Luke turning to do the unthinkable. He kissed a another girl. This wasn't any ordinary girl this was a blonde haired, blue eyed, goddess. She was wearing a short, I mean really short hot pink dress, with pink stilettos. I felt embarrassed, furious, and betrayed. I held back my tears, I didn't want to cry in front of guys. I looked over at Katie and then to Luke and the girl he was with. Threw out all I only shed one tear.

****LUKE'S POV****

I slowly walked over to the girl. (Her names Britney) She kissed me as soon as I walked up. I tried to push away, but she pulled me in. "Hey babe." She said excitedly. "Um didn't you get my voicemail." I said.

~ voicemail sent to Britney~

"hey I'm just going to get straight to the point I don't think were working out, I'm sorry."

~ present day~

"Oh sweetie no, no I didn't. You see I got a new phone, but it was after you left, and I had no way to contact you so I came down here." She said dumbfounded. I knew I should've just told her right then and there but I felt so bad. I mean she came 4 hours just to see me. I looked back at Mia to se her face bright red. I knew after I told Mia she would understand. "You go up to the cottage, I'll be there in a little bit." I waited till she was out of sight to walk over to them.

"Hey." I said trying not to start anything. I looked over at Mia, she didn't seem that furious with me. I mean her face was bright red, and she was giving me a death stare, but I wouldn't say she was furious. She just seemed.... pissed off. "Look, I can explain." I said rubbing the back of my neck. "Go on." She said in a mad but depressed voice. "Well her names Britney, and she was my old girlfriend, I broke up with her over a voicemail but she got a new phone so she never got it. And when I found out she came four hours just to see me, I felt bad, but I promise I will break up with her, just not now." As I said this I could see the people around me starting to comfort Mia. Mia slowly ripped off the shirt I have her and handed it to me. "Mia but we can see your......" She cut me off. "I don't care, maybe it will impress other guys, cause we're through." She screamed as she walked up on shore. Katie went after her but she turned around and walked up to me. She slapped me across my face and then presumed toward Mia. "My girlfriends a badass." Calum said with a mile wide grin on his face. "Dude." I yelled at Calum holding my cheek. "Oh please you know you deserved it." He smirked. I sighed at the fact I knew he was right.

****MIA'S POV****

As I hoped up on the deck I could here someone fowlling me. I really was hoping it was Katie. As I turned toward my cottage I felt a hand on my shoulder. "It's gonna be ok." Katie said. I turned around to her and set my head on her shoulder. "you're going to cry." She smirked. "no I'm not." I protested."you should probably go to bed, it's getting late." She said in a rather demanding voice. I wasn't the least bit tired but I didn't feel like arguing with her. Especially when I knew I was going to lose.

I walk through the door to see everyone eating dinner. "I'm going to go to bed." I said fake yawning. I walked into my room and strip down to my bra and underwear. The thing about me is I like to sleep in only my bra and underwear. I grabbed the Fault in our Stars book and I start to read.

****KATIE'S POV****

I woke up and looked over to Mia. She had a book in one hand and was half off the bed.

I hacked up and put on gray leggings and the orange plaid shirt that I took from Calum. I walked over to the mirror and giggle that what I saw. The shirt was halfway down to my butt and the sleeves hung to my waist. I flailed my arms around giggling at the way the sleeves were moving.

I walked down to the water, on my way I picked up a bucket. I got down on the dock and stuck the bucket in the water and waited. I was trying to catch a minow. (A small fish usually found in lakes)

****CALUM'S POV****

I walked on the road, when all of a sudden I saw Katie down by the water. She was on the dock on her hands and knees and her arm was halfway submerged underwater. I slowly walked up behind her and whispered "hey". She screamed and fell forward into the water. I grabbed her wrist and all of her bracelets blown off. She was one known for wearing many, MANY bracelets. Even though I tried to keep her up she still fell in the shallow water. She stood up and stared at me. "you made me lose Stanley." She said in a raging voice. "Who is Stanley."I laughed. "He was the minow I was trying to catch, thank you very much." She said in all seriousness. I slowly release the grip I had on her rest. "Holy crap."I yelled looking down at her wrist and then to her. She was staring down at her feet. "Why would you do this" I said in a soft voice. "can we please not talk about this." She whispered just enough so I could hear her.

I hopped in the water with her. I crashed my lips to hers, kissing her with such intensity. I slowly back away and whispered "I just want to help." I said kissing her neck. She smiled. "Another day." She whispered in my ear.

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