underneath the same stars

Going to a beautiful summer cottage with your best friend and you both fall for two amazing boys, sounds fun right. Well one. Mia, katie, Calum, and Luke's lives turn upside down it's nowhere near fun.

#luke #calum #katie #mia #trouble


14. 13

****MIA'S POV****

After I was done hugging my dad I ran in to get my bathing suit on. I put on my white one on the one with hawiian flowers on it. I let Katie borrow my swimsuit with coconuts on it. That's right coconuts. I put Katie's hair in a messy bun and did the same to mine.

As we headed out the door I yelled to my dad "come on dad let's go jet skiing." "Who has a jetski?" My dad asked with a confused look overcoming his face. I groaned a little when I remembered that Luke was the one who had the jetski. I wasn't all that mad but a little bit of anger still lingered in my body. "Luke." I said. "Who's Luke." My dad said in a stern voice. "My boyfriend." I said in a sassy voice. "Your gone a month and your little girl has a BOYFRIEND." My dad said throwing his hands in the air.

Katie took my dad down by the water while I went to ask Luke if he could take us. He had to take us because of 2 things. One I couldn't drive sense I didn't have a license, and two is because I have no clue how to drive it.

I knocked on the door and Michael answered. "Uh hey." He said. "Can I talk to Luke." I said in a sassy voice. "Well wouldn't you rather see me." He said puckering his lips. To be honest I didn't know if he was kidding or not. I pushed him aside. I saw all the boys in the living room playing Halo. "Guys pause the game." Luke yelled. He walked up to me. "Luke could you take me and my dad knee boarding?" I asked. "Do you forgive me." He said in a cocky voice raising his eyebrows. I rolled my yes. "Yes." I said. "Say you love me." He said. "I love you." I whispered. "Louder." He said. "I LOVE YOU." I screamed. Everyone started starring at me. I started to blush real bad. "I was joking." He laughed. I punched him in his arm. "Hey guys I'll be back in a little bit." Luke yelled as we walked out the door.

Luke and I walked down the road and then stopped dead in his tracks. "Yes." I said shuffling my feet backward to be were he was standing. "So I meeting your dad." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "Ya.. you nervous." I smirked. "Maybe, will you hold my hand." He winked as he grabbed for my hand. "So your nervous about my dad but you think it's gonna help to hold my hand." I said. He just stood there shrugging. I went up behind and starting pushing with all my might. "Wow so much muscles." He smirked. I pushed a little harder. He fell right on his face. "How's that." I said helping him up, and brushing of the dust from his face.

As we walked down the hill I saw my dad checking out Luke. "Hello sir." Luke said putting out his hand. "Hello" My dad said pausing to shake his hand. "so your dating my daughter?" My dad said in a judging voice. "Yes sir." Luke smiled looking at me. I blushed at the thought of Luke being this proper. There was a few moments of pure silence. "So sir have you ever been on a knee bored?" Luke asked. "No." My dad replied. "Well it's simple, Mia sits on the back as are "watcher" to tell me if you fall, while your on the bored trying not to fall." Luke said in all seriousness. I showed my dad how to kneel on the bored and I strapped the belt over his knees. I hopped on the back of the jetski and held onto Luke. My dad glared at me. "So I won't fall off." I yelled to him ,laughing my ass off. For his first time he got very far. He made it about 4 seconds. We swung back around to pick up my dad. Me and him traded spots on the Jetski. I saw him starring at me eyes wide open.

"How in the world did you learn to do that." My dad gasped. "Dad, I've been here for a month, I know what I'm doing." I smirked.

****KATIE'S POV****

I was bored so I decided to head up to Calum's cottage.

As I was turning the corner I saw all the guys out in the front yard. As I walked up to them I realized that they were playing a game. As I saw Calum pulling down his pants I knew the game. Truth or Dare. I was about to walk away (not wanting to sucked in) Ashton screamed "Well Calum looks like your girlfriend decided to join us." Calum turned around with his pants around his waist starring at me. "Taco boxers." I sad laughing my ass off. Ashton grabbed my hand and pulled my to the ground. "You'll be a nice addition to the game." He laughed. I saw Calum shaking his head. "Really Ash." Calum said throwing his hands in the air. "I think I should um, go." I said blushing. When I tried to stand up Ashton pulled me back down.

"Ash truth or dare?" Calum asked. "Dare." He replied. "I dare you too...." he paused looking around "go ask that girl down by the water, out." Ashton did as he was told. We could see in the distance Ashton getting rejected. Best of all the girl dumped her drink on him. Ashton stormed up and sat down. He looked around searching for his next victim. "Katie.... Truth or dare." I was temped to say truth but I knew they would laugh at me. "Dare." I said more in the form of a question than a answer. "I dare you to... strip." He smirked. Calum whispered in my ear "you don't have to." I sat there as he held my hand. "You scared." Michael said. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants. I could see Calum starring in astonishment at me. When I was done I stood there in a electric blue sports bra and blue boxers with gray stripes. "Your wearing.., boxer." Michael said bluntly. "There girl boxers there from PINK." I protested. Calum stood there practically drooling. He must of seen that I noticed cause he turned away. I sat back down. "You look hot." Michael whispered in my ear. When Calum looked away I hurried and twisted Michaels nipples. "Ow." He screamed. I giggled.

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