Leave Your Lover||LARRY

©Copyright of Asia Rowe.

Larry Stylinson was a trending topic for directioners throughout the world. Ever since they came out of the closet as a couple the world hasn't stopped buzzing about them. But people like Karma Jeffries, Larry's best friend, were left heart broken. Karma has to live with the painful knowledge that she will never be with the one she loves, Harry Styles, because he loves her best mate, Louis Tomlinson.

"Leave your lover, leave him for me."


1. copyrights

©Copyright of Asia Rowe.

Leave Your Lover||Larry

"Leave him for me."

All rights belong to Asia Rowe. All content was made by Asia Rowe. Do not copy nor publish this story. Enjoy at your own will. I don't ship Larry. But Larry helps with the story line.

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