Bella Chaviano is about to get her big break. Well, if styling hair for 5 Seconds of Summer counts as a big break. She'll deal with a moody band member who has a lot to figure out, and maybe even find love.


1. Chapter 1

Today was my first official day of my new job. It's title was 'Hair designer for Five Seconds of Summer'. So basically I'd get to play with Five Seconds of Summer's hair and make it look all fancy and fluffy.

It was the middle of their world tour, and their normal hairdresser, Julia, was on maternity leave for the rest of the tour. So, I would be taking her spot. 

 My name is Bella. I graduated from university a few months ago, and was certified to professionally style hair. The people who were in charge of Five Seconds of Summer liked how I dealt with hair, and they thought I would get along well with the boys. And I did. Mostly. 

 I had set everything up in the hair department my first night, and was waiting for Luke and Ashton to come in and get their hair styled for their show. Luke's hair was going to require the most work out of all the boys, as he was really the only one with a signature hairstyle. Ashton's hairstyles seemed pretty to accomplish, but Julia said that his hair was usually the most unruly out of all of them. Calum's hair could be done in many different ways and still look good, and Michael's hair just needed a brush-through, maybe a dye touch up, and that was it. 

 Luke and Ashton strolled in. Ashton was shirtless, while Luke was barefoot. "Where the fuck is Julia?" was the first thing Luke said. 

 "Fucking hell, Luke, you are so rude," Ashton said. 

 "Well, if you've actually noticed lately, her stomach's been getting bigger and bigger. That means she's pregnant. She's on maternity leave," I replied to Luke. 

 "Do you have a name?" Luke asked. 

"Of course."


"I don't consider this a formal introduction, so I don't have to tell you my name," I replied. 

"Okay. I'll just call you Bitch instead. You know, because that's what you are." 

"Deal. Since I don't know your name, I'll call you Douchebag. Sound good?"

 Luke rolled his eyes, while Ashton actually showed his social manners. "Hello," he said, taking my hand. "My name's Ashton. It's nice to meet you, and I'd like to thank you in advance for doing our hair and dealing with us. What's your name?"

 "Hi, Ashton. It's nice to meet you too. I'm Bella. I'll be doing your hair for the rest of the tour," I replied. 

 "Kill me now," Luke muttered. 

 "Sorry, Douchebag, did you say something?" I asked. Luke rolled his eyes, while Ashton kept himself from laughing out loud. 

 "Alright, Julia said that your hair takes the longest to do, Douchebag. Have a seat," I said. He sighed and sat in the chair. Ashton flopped on the couch behind us. 

 "My name is Luke," he finally said. 

"I know that. But nice to meet you. Sorta," I said. I picked up a spray bottle and wet his hair a bit, then brushed through it.  

"That's not how Julia does it," Luke whined. 

"Do you see Julia here?" I asked. He remained silent. 

 "Don't worry, superstar. Your hair will be fine," I added. He stayed silent as I began to work gel through his hair. I got the initial shape of his quiff going, and began drying it with the hair dryer. I used the brush and kept his hair drying a certain way, then dried the rest of his hair. I finished it off with hairspray. 

 "Done," I said. He silently got up and left the room. "You're welcome, superstar!" I called after him. 

"Yeah," he replied. 

Ashton got up and came over to me. "I apologize for him."

"It's okay," I said. 

"No it's not. He shouldn't be that rude."

"It's really fine. Have a seat," I said. He sat in the chair. 

"You know, I like you. You don't take Luke's shit, and you give it right back to him."

I glanced in the hallway to make sure Luke wasn't there. "You know, I like you too. I like that you actually introduced yourself like a human being, not, 'Where the fuck is Julia?'. And I gave him shit because he was totally asking for it!" I said. Ashton laughed. 

"Luke is just always an ass. He's an angel to the fans and always seems like a kitten in news articles and stuff, but he's a douchebag sometimes. I don't get it. He was never like that before we got famous. I think it's the fame."

"Well, whatever it is, we'll deal with it. So, Mr. Irwin, how would you like your hair done this evening?"

"Make me look like a sex goddess," he requested. 

"Alright, easy enough. All we'd need is some extensions, and that's about it."

"So if I'd said sex god..?"

"I would've kicked you out of here because you already kinda are," I said, and then I blushed. Like a lot. Ashton smiled widely. 

"So, would you be opposed to having dinner with me tomorrow night? We're gonna be here in Seattle tonight, and tomorrow, but we don't have a show tomorrow." 

"I would love to," I said. He smiled again. 

"Cool. I'll give you my number later," he said. 

"Sounds good. So, for your hair, I've always thought you could rock a bandana," I said. 


"Yeah. You could pull it off with your hair type, and you'd look like a badass," I said. 

"Do you have a bandana?" he asked.  

"Yeah." I went over to a small travel bag of mine, and pulled out a red bandana. "I always had this in my swim bag whenever I had meets. Just holding it made me feel like I could do anything," I said. 

"You're a swimmer?" he asked. 

"I used to be, in high school."

"Me too! What'd you swim? I swam 400 free."

"200 free and 200 breast," I said. 

"Nice. Maybe tonight at the hotel we'll have to have a little race. There's an epic pool there."

"You're on, drummer boy," I said. I folded the bandana a few times, and brushed his hair out. I wrapped the bandana around his forehead and head, and tied it in the back. His grin looked like it was lit by 5,000 lightbulbs. 

"You like it?" I asked.  

"I love it! I think this is gonna be my new thing," he announced. 

"Im glad you like it. You look hot." 

He stood up and gave me a hug. 

"Go kill it," I said. 

"I will," he replied. He quickly kissed my forehead before sprinting out of the room. I barely had time to react before Michael and Calum walked in. 

"Dude, your hair is fucking awesome!" I yelled to Michael. It was a dark blue shade. 

"Hey, thanks!" he replied. "I'm Michael. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Calum," Calum said. 

"I'm Bella. It's nice to meet you both. I guess I'll be doing your hair for the next few months," I said. They both grinned. 

"So, who first?" I asked. 

 "Me," Michael said, and sat down. 

"So, what are we doing with your hair tonight?" I asked. 

"Make it look sick as fuck."

"Alright, I can do that. Ashton requested that I make him into a sex goddess, so I guess the sky's the limit," I said. 

 "Did Luke ask for anything specific?" Calum asked. 

 "Well, he called me a bitch, and didn't really say much else."

 "What an asshole," Michael muttered. 

 "Guys, it's really okay," I said. 

 "No, it's not. He shouldn't be rude to the people that help us out. I don't get why he's so ungrateful," Calum said. 

 "Fifteen minutes!" I heard a man yell in the hallway. 

"Shit, we gotta get this thing going," I said. 

"Just throw some gel in it, make it look like its sticking out everywhere," Michael said. I nodded, and put some gel in it, then styled it so that it looked messy, but still put-together. 

"Thanks, it looks fucking awesome," Michael said. "I have to go find different pants. See you later! Thank you again!" he said, and ran out of the room. Calum sat down in the chair. 

"Is it possible to do, like, a mini quiff? Like maybe a side one, but barely visible. Just so there's a little bump thing going on," Calum said. I got in front of him and played with his hair, trying to recreate what he said. 

"Like this?" I asked. Showing him in the mirror. 

"Yeah, just like that."

"Sounds good, Hood," I said. He smiled. 

"Sp, are you doing anything tonight?" he asked as I began to work on his hair. 

"Actually, I do have a swimming race with Ashton at the pool in the hotel," I said. His face fell slightly. 

 "Dinner tomorrow night?"

"Ashton kinda beat you to that," I said. "But I do want to get to know you better. We should still get together."

"Do you want to go find some little coffee shop tomorrow morning? We could just chill there for a few hours," he suggested. 

"Absolutely," I said. He grinned. 

"Good. I'll find your hotel room and get you in the morning. Is ten okay?"

"Sure. It it too early for you? It's a day off, you might want to sleep in."

"No, it's okay," he insisted. I grinned as I finished up his hair. 

"Sounds good," I said. "And your hair is complete. But I need your number," I said. He smiled. 

I handed my phone to him, and he put his number in. 

"Five minutes!" I heard another voice shout. 

"Shit," he said. He waved and bolted out of the room. 

The guys were awesome. I had watched from behind the stage, and sang along with a few wardrobe and makeup people. After the show, I had to pack up all of the tools and supplies, which would be loaded onto trucks by crew members. 

I grabbed my bag and walked down the long corridor towards an exit, where the crew cars were located. When I turned down another hallway, I ran into the guys. 

"You guys were awesome!" I exclaimed. They all grinned, except for Luke, who was on his phone. 

"But I see my masterpieces didn't last," I added, ruffling Calum's hair. "Ew, sweat."

 Actually, they were all drenched in sweat. They literally looked like they had just jumped into a lake. My bandana on Ashton's head had soaked up a lot of the sweat. 

 "You probably just didn't do our hair right," Luke said. 

 "No, I did it right," I declared. 

 "She did it right," Ashton said to Luke. 


 "You say that a lot," I said. 

 "Yeah. It's kind of a thing I do so that I don't offend people."

 "You might want to try a little harder there, superstar. I'm still feeling the cold," I replied. 

"Good. And stop calling me superstar," he said.  

"So we're going back to douchebag?"

 Ashton, Calum and Michael all started laughing, and Luke turned and walked away. 

"Was I too mean?" I asked. 

 "Are you kidding? Lay it on him more! He kinda deserves it," Calum said. 

 "You are literally the only crew member that refuses to take his shit, I swear," Michael added. "And you were calling him douchebag before?"

 "Yeah, he called her 'Bitch', so she called him 'Douchebag'," Ashton said. "It was a pretty funny thing to see."

 "So, do you want to ride on the bus with us back to the hotel?" Calum asked. 

 "No, that's okay. I should probably find Jasmine," I said, referring to a makeup girl. 

 "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Well, if you want to find us later, we'll probably be the room with the loud fucking idiots," Michael said. 

 "Good, I'll remember that," I said. "See you."

 They waved, and we went our separate ways. I passed Luke in the hallway. We exchanged unamused looks and continued on our ways. 

 Luke was a jerk.



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