I love you do you love me

Squeal of four boys three girls one story
More heartbreaks love twist kids drama and cliffhangers


1. Chapter one



"Babe what do you wanna do today?" I asked.

"Let's go the pool with everybody!" Calum shouted excitedly.

"K let me text the girls you text the boys." I said. I pulled out my phone and started a group chat.

Elisawesome, joclovesmikey, Anadealswithash, alyssarules,Amber👍,Alexiscool,pezmachine,Sophiaisbo$$

Jujubean:we are going to the beach bring kids and hubs

Joc...: k

Anadea...: k

Alyssarules: kk

(The rest said k or kk)

End of convo

Calum came behind me and gave me my haters suck bikini.

"And this is why I love you." I said.

"Love you too and I texted all the boys they said yea." Cal said.

"K I am going to change." I went into the bathroom, changed, put my hair into a librarian bun, and put in my green glasses. I walked out to see calum ready and watching bad girls club.

"Weirdo why are you watching this?" I asked laughing.

"No reason let's go." He said pulling me out our room. I was thinking good timing cause I heard knocking. I opened the door to see Ana Sophia, Ashton, Ash, and belle.

"Hey cutie pies." I said while picking up ash and belle.

"Hi auntie Juliana." Belle said.

"Hey you guys ready to go swimming." I said.

"Yassssss!" They both shouted.

"Cal take them to the pool." I said.

"Ok come on kids." Cal said and they walked away.

"Hey." Ana Sophia said while hugging me.

"Hey hold up are you pregnant again?" I said.

"Yea." She said smiling from ear to ear.

"Congrats both of you." I said hugging ash. Then they walked to the pool. I was walking away until...


I opened the door and Jocelyn and Michael was standing there.

"Hey juju." Jocelyn said while hugging me. Then I went to Mikey and hugged him.

"Hey you remember where the pool is right?" I asked.

"Yea." Jocelyn said while walking towards it while holding Michael's hand. I sat on the couch waiting for other people.


I opened the door to the rest of the people and we all went swimming. I was sitting down in one of the chairs daydreaming when everything went black........

This is the squeal to four boys three girls one story.

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