I love you do you love me

Squeal of four boys three girls one story
More heartbreaks love twist kids drama and cliffhangers


7. Chapter 7


I opened the door to find....

"Calum what are you doing here?"

"I need a friend." I let Calum in and we went into the living room.

"So what is going on?" I asked.

"Juliana said I don't do enough for Julian, And I got mad and left." He said. I just notice he had red, puffy, swollen eyes.

"Have you been crying?" He nodded his head and I pulled him in for a hug. He started to cry again.

"Shhhhh it is all going to be okay." I cooed. He got up.

"I am going to talk to Juliana and make things right." Calum walked out the door.


Calum and I got in a fight. I told him he wasn't a good father to Julian. I didn't mean it I just been in a cranky mood.

Hi guys this was a filler👎 I know I stink but guess what 40 reads 2 comments I will update

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