I love you do you love me

Squeal of four boys three girls one story
More heartbreaks love twist kids drama and cliffhangers


3. Chapter 3

I opened the door to find...

"Justin?" I said a little angry. Justin was my ex. I hated his guts he was so mean but Jocelyn kicked his arse and I was free.

"Hey beautiful."

"Don't call me that I am married with a kid on the way."

"I don't care."

"CALUM!!" I yelled. Calum came around the corner.

"Who is this?" Calum asked.

"My ex who I hate." I said.

"You better get out of here before I kick your arse!" Calum yelled and justin ran to his car and drove away.

"Thanks bae." I said while pecking his lips. But then everything went dark again....

Sorry guys these last to chp have been fillers I want more reads!! Or I will stop... Syke I will keep on going if you like it or not night peeps in ct it Is 10:33 so night

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