I love you do you love me

Squeal of four boys three girls one story
More heartbreaks love twist kids drama and cliffhangers


2. Chapter 2


I was daydreaming until everything went black....

I opened my eyes to see that I am being carried by Calum.

"Put me down!!" I yelled.

"Nope." Was the last thing I heard until I was in the water. I swam up to hear people laughing. Calum was turned around then I grabbed his ankle an pulled him in.

"Ahhhhhhh." Calum screamed. Then splash! I got out of the pool to see a grumpy cal in the water.

"Aww poor caly is all wetie." I said in a baby voice then laughed while walking away. I went inside to get drinks for everyone and snacks. Then I called them up. 5 seconds later Niall and Jocelyn jumped on my couch eating and drinking.

"Your welcome." I said sarcastically.

"Thanks juju." They said in usion. The rest came up and ate until....


I opened the door to find.....

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