8 Tapes [l.t]

"They're eight tapes, each one teaching me a different lesson." © Meagan [Cover made by Qveendom]


3. Tape 2 // Ellie

"Well then, everything comes to an end and that includes relationships."


6:37 PM


Popping in the next tape, I pressed the middle bottom on the Walkman player, to start tape two. I wanted and needed to find out why Louis did what he did.

 So you're back. Well then, everything comes to an end and that includes relationships. You see where I'm going here, I guess. Yes, Jesse and I ended on a strange note. She knocked on my front door, in tears. Her father informed her earlier that day, he is being moved across the country, to study weapons or something for the army. She was happy for him, but she was also sad. Her dad makes more money, she loses her boyfriend. While I was falling in and out of love, she was deep in love, no doubt.

 That's what you did with every single one of your girlfriends. Never cared about the relationship itself, but cared about girl. You could have care less, but never cried when it ended. Always expected you to grow up and have dogs.

 I held her, as tight as I could, to show I sort of care. But, as soon she started calming down, I said something, and I realize now I should have kept my mouth shut.

"I think we might need to break up then, I love you but, there's gonna be new people, cuter people. Long distance never works out."

There she goes again, she stared in my eyes and just started sobbing again. I wish I could start crying, but I couldn't.

"Yeah, I g-g-guess," She mumbled, sobbing. My shirt is has a huge wet spot around the top left from Jesse's tears.

"Come here," I said, opening my arms, indicating a hug, "I'll still love you and I will never forget you." I lie.

"I l-love you too," She cries.

 Soon her father came in a packed car and Jesse had to go on to a new life. We kissed and hugged one last time and she waved goodbye walking towards the car and so did I. I watched the blue car get smaller and smaller until it disappeared. Forever.

 Well I guess he sort of cared? Gosh, what do I know, anyway? My mouth is like a dessert right now. God I need some water. But I need to listen to Louis' tapes.   

Then soon enough I moved on to Ellie. Yes the girl in the front row of almost every class except gym. She never wanted to be the center of attention for anything else but school. She was know as the class genius. You go to her for homework answers.

 Mmm, Ellie Johnson is planning to go to Yale for college next year too.

 Their was so much sexiness behind those glasses of hers. I guess that's why I asked for a tutor, even though I had pretty good grades. She was beyond brilliant. She was an acute angle. You know there's cute in acute and she likes math.

 Cheeky much.

  I asked her out very cheeky like too. We were in the library and I picked out a math textbook and stuck a note in it and she wondered what it was, so she read it.

 So I heard you like books. So can I check you out because you look like a good read?

The cheekiness doesn't end, does it? It was sweet though.

"So can I check you out?" I asked, reassuring the note is from me.

"Mm, let's see.. what about no," She said, smiling.

"What? I spent all night to trying to make up a cheesy note!" I whisper yell, surprised.

 So he actually did get rejected before. Wow. Everyone thought no one who dare say no to the all star Louis Tomlinson.

"Just kidding, of course I would go out with you." She declared.

"Thought so," I smiled, kissing her cheek. her cheek turned a bright shade of pink - it was adorable.

"Mm, sure," She joked.


I think it was about three weeks and five lunch dates later. She and I went to the park on a date and a few of my teammates were there playing football, usual.

"Why don't you go join them?" Ellie said, pointing at Zayn and Liam.

"But we're on a date?" I question.

"Yeah but, it's fun watching you play." She declares, kissing me and running over to the bench, sitting down, "Go play."

 Surprised, I run over to Zayn and Liam and greet them with a 'guy' hug.

"Um, can I join you guys?" I ask them, both wondering why I was asking knowing I'm on a date, "Ellie said it was fun watching me play."

"Um, yeah," Zayn says, throwing the ball at me. Running away, I throw the ball at Liam, who catches it easily.

  After a while of playing, I realize Ellie wasn't the bench. Where in the world could she be?

 Wow. Someone actually ditched you?

 I couldn't take it anymore, I need water; I make my way off the bleachers, stopping the tape. Going into the unlocked locker rooms, I searched my locker for some water. I turn slightly, facing Louis' empty locker, nothing left but a small shelf to keep your helmet on. I haven't been in here since his death, for a five minute period, before and after practice, to change quickly; but this time it feels more bare and inhabited then ever. I stare at Louis' locker more, than the banner above, saying "Louis Tomlinson, we will forever miss you," then back to the locker. I really miss him.

 "Shake out of it, Kian," I say to myself, going back to looking for water.

 Still no water. Turning around I spot a water bottle in Zayn's locker, I take it and unscrew the small cap, swallowing half the water in the bottle down. Taking a deep breath, I start the tape again, studying the banner again.

"I'll be right back, I need to check on something," I yelled to Zayn and Liam, who was on the other side of the small area of land we were playing on.

 Walking around the park, I notice Jesse playing in a small baseball game, on field two. She was up to bat. The pitcher was Gavin Harries, the lead pitcher from Mary Smith's baseball team. He could throw a mean 76 mph curveball. He threw and it flew right passed her. People in the right dug out were cheering her on.

He throws another strike. She didn't even bother swinging, that time. It was dead silent, no one cheering her on. Only sound made was an out fielded blowing a bubblegum bubble and letting it pop, his eyes narrow.

 The pitcher, plays with the ball by throwing it a few inches in the air and catches it, his eyes turn into skinny slits, like the bubble gum blowing out fielder. He steps back, facing the girl with the bat and a helmet on. The baseball is let out of his reach, after he runs through the well known pitcher windup. Ellie swings and comes into contact with the ball, sending far out of the park.

"Unbelievable," I mumbled under my breath, shocked at her skills knowing she is classified as a nerd.

The first two strikes were a tease, learned that a while ago. I use to play a lot with her but, we don't really talk anymore. She doesn't play much anymore anyways.  

She runs around the bases, her teammates surrounding the home plate. They're acting like they won the World Series or something. Screaming out her name, jumping, they engulf her into a huge hug, once she arrived at home. The other team, line up closer to the pitcher mound.

 I can't take off my eyes off Ellie, she just hit a ball far down the hill, over the fence, is a huge hill; which only a few people can hit that far. My fingers are digging to the metal fence, I'm looking trough.

 Honestly, sometimes this boy can't think nerds or people who are not known for playing sports can do so well playing them. Your head is so high in the clouds, sometimes.

  I finish the water in the bottle and start indenting the plastic with my fist.

 "Good game," The teams said, highfiving each other, going down the line.

Ellie soon realizes I was standing behind the fence and jogs over to me, grinning. Looking adorable in that baseball cap of hers.

"I didn't know you played," I claimed, looking into her ocean blue eyes.

"Aha, sometimes, when ever they need an extra player or something, they come to me. I don't usually play though," She replies, "...Sorry to bail on our date, they needed me," looking down at the dirt.

"Actually I enjoyed watching you. You really can play, I don't see why you don't join the school's team. Why?" I question.

"Well this isn't really how I am. Studies and school is me. This is a little hobby, I enjoy doing in my off time," She smiled. I'm surprised.

Oh Louis, aren't you always shocked.

"So um want to walk, back to my place, to watch few movies?" I asked.

"Well um, I sort of need to sort of go home, I told my mother I be home by five" she says, frowning.

"Um well need someone to walk with?" I asked.

"If you don't mind, my good friend, Emily, is gonna," she goes on, blowing me off once again.

"That's alright," I reassure her, kissing her through the fence.

"Thank you," She smiled.

"Have a good evening, Ellie. Love you," I yell as she walks away.

"You too," She turns around and faces me, still walking.

 Wow, no wonder they ended so quickly, not even saying I love you back. I chuckle. 

 Knowing I got blown off by Ellie, I don't want to waste my weekend away. I known one place I always felt at home... the club. I need to go back and see if they hate me, for breaking up with Jesse. I just need to go back to the city, where I felt free.

 So I jump on the next train, which was about a half a hour ride to the closest stop by the club. Once we entered Manhattan, as always, I looked out the window into the distance, I always loved looking out and seeing the people living their lives and seeing the tall buildings, that were put together by team work. I loved the thoughts that just a group of average humans living among us built such a beautiful city.

 Deep. I chuckle, again, at my sarcasm, running my sweaty hands trough my hair. It's scary that he kept so much inside. He seemed so carefree.

I jumped off the train a few blocks away from the club and walk quickly, nervous yet excited. This city surely has a bad and good side. These blocks are more shady, to be honest. More nervous than excited at this point, but there's still a spark of excitement in my mind.

 Wonder if you ever realized that you could get stabbed or something - the city can be very dangerous at night.  

I finally make it to the entrance and realize, I don't have a very safe way of getting in. If I go through the entrance, I don't have an I.D. so I would look stupid and  get kicked out of line. Or If I go through the back, there's a chance that Billy and Kate will throw me out because they are mad at me. Or go in through the roof, which I'm probably gonna fall and get hurt. Well, I don't know, you need to take risks. The back door is probably the best choice.


"Um, Kate? Hello?" I questioned the bartender, I met last time I was here.

She swings around, smiling, "Louis, baby, take a set."

"Oh well, so you're not mad about the break up or ...?" I asked, leaving the sentence unfinished.

"Oh darling, we all know things sometimes work out. Also you're too special to not talk to. You're just so bubbly and lovely," Kate smiled widely.

"So how it been going it's been awhile since I seen you last. Where is everyone else?" I questioned, taking a sip of the beer she handed to me.

"Well Billy and I adopted a puppy," She claims.

"Hey, another round over here," a person calls from the other side of the bar.    

"Be right back," She says, walking away.

"Hey," A deep, manly voice said, making me jump. I turn around quickly, to come eye to eye with a dark green eyed stranger. A beautiful dark green eyed stranger, might I add.

"Um, h-hi," I mumbled, drawn to the man right in front of me.

"Mind if I join, yeah?" He asked, pointing to the circular bar stool drilled into the ground.

"Not at all," I said, nervous.

"So what's your name, cutie," He said.

 Gay? Wait, was Niall .. gay? No he can't be, he dated too many girls.

 I was so utterly surprised with the cutie, but I went with it.

"Louis... Louis Tomlinson," I stated, taking a slip of my drink, feeling the cold and intoxicating liquid go down my throat.

"What about yours?" I asked.

"Harry Styles," He smirks, running his hands through his long brown hair. He looked dangerous but, I liked it.

 "My god, your name is just so perfect... Not in a like a creepy way. It's, just, uh, amazing," I got tripped up over words, soon my cheeks turned bright red.

 Louis are you gay? Half gay? 

"Your outrageously adorable, do you know that?" He questioned. His eyes soften as they look into mine, for a moment he doesn't seem so tough.

Kate starts to walk over, but overhears our convolution and smiles, walking away once more. I start to sweat.

"Oh thank you," I blush even more.

"Well, you know what, I pick you up at eight o'clock, at night, on Saturday and I can show you around Manhattan." He said.

"Um okay, that'd be cool," I try to play it off cool.

"I know you have a game tomorrow, so I don't want to keep you out too late," He said.

 Wait, how does this 'Harry' know that he has a game, never mind play on a football team. I throw my bottle in the trash can, outside the locker room, breathing in the fresh air.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"I go to the same school as you, Mary Smith," He says.

"Oh my, I never see you around," I said.

 He does? Harry Styles goes to our school? What? I make my way back to the bleachers and sit down, in the same spot as before.

"I skip a lot, or you're always with your teammates," He said.

"Oh, I'm sor-"

"Don't worry it's fine. So I'll pick you up Saturday."

"Yes," I take another slip of my beer.

"See you then," He kisses my check.

"What in the world happened," Kate asked, excited.

"I think I'm going on a date ... with a boy," I says, my eyes bugging out.

 But you're still dating Ellie; remember her?

"Hey, don't knock it till you try it," She said, smiling.

Oh my god, Louis.

The lesson I learned from a little help from Jesse is: be who you are and do as you please.

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