The Secret

~Coming Late Winter 2015~

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have been roommates for a while now.
About 3 mounts ago they started dating but, had to keep it a secret. Why, because their parents have hated each other for years and Liam feels if they tell them they will hate them. However, Louis thinks that their love will unite the families. Will one of them agree with other or will they remain "the secret".

~ Sorry it will be late but I wanted to see how many of you would actually read it so. If I get enough people I will start early. ~


1. Information

~~Liam Panye is 24 years old and has a secret. He is dating his roommate/long time bestie Louis Tomlinson(26). Once Direction settled down from their 4th tour Liam wanted to settle down. He wanted to buy an apartment but he didn't want to buy it by himself so he asked his best friend Louis. Louis said sure so now Liam and Louis have a apartment together in Doncaster. They had it for about 3 months whenever Louis finally ask Liam out and of course Liam said yes so now they are dating and it would be perfect if their parents didn't hate each other. Joanna and Karan has hated each other ever since before the children were born and now it has affected the children. Louis and Liam love each other and they would really like to tell their family but unfortunately Liam feels that if they do it it would make their families hate them so they're keeping it a secret even though Louis wants to tell them. It wouldn't be so hard if they didn't see them everyday. Their families literally saw each other every single day they worked in the same building that went to the same church and everything. They even had the same favorite restaurant so it was hard to believe they hated each other, but they did. Can Louis be right or will Liam sadly triumph.



Louis works at a children's hospital.
Let's just pretend that all those years he would have needed happened.


Liam is in school learning to be a veterinary.
His dad died in a fire.

OK for story sake let's say they are done with one direction and are livivg normal lives.

Harry and Niall are engaged and Zayn and Perrie are married with twin boys. Zack and Peter. Louis was the doctor that gave birth to them and they are 3 months. Peter is blind.

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