Writing On The Wall

Abandoned works and creative writing pieces.


1. Tea

~ Chapter I ~

 ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

          It is a liquid of wisdom. Just add water and it becomes what we all need after a hard days work. The bag that holds the leaves, stains the water deep brown. Countless mugs a day make me content. The riches of the liquid are like a memory, relived in every moment. There’s no time for hours and minutes, when you live every second. The spoon that stirs and combines the stained brown liquid with the white milk, rotates around the edge of the mug, like horses on a carousel. That dull roar of the kettle always excites me, always reassures me. That clashing of the stainless steel spoon, against the side of the emulate mug. The taste is one which I recognize instantly; the hot purity of the brown fluid, and the opposite of coffee. Its name, concealed and hidden in three letters. One consonant, two vowels; Tea.


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