Writing On The Wall

Abandoned works and creative writing pieces.


2. Secrets of the Circus

~ Chapter II ~

 ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

       A Pathfinder's life is dramatically made harder when an evil murderer in a bowler hat, has an infinite ambition to kill you. This man has serious issues. He will not die. He kidnaps children, and they are forced to join his travelling circus, destined never to leave. He murders innocent people with his unknown powers. And Molly has to uncover the secrets of the man in the bowler hat. She has to uncover the secrets of the circus. 



       Shadows danced across the seawater like shimmering Christmas lights. The glowing dark fins of the whales below broke through the water, splashing droplets on Sky's brown leather boots. Her crimson red coat floated in the evening wind behind her. Light brown curls spiraled down her back, lifting slightly in the cool breeze. She stood at the edge of Blackfin pier, the autumn leaves drifting in front of her face. Sky always went there when she needed to think. The very same pier was also the cause of her death six months ago.

       That mesmerizing amber glow from the skull was still locked inside her mind. Gage depended on it, and guarded it with his life. The amber skull was the only existing thing that could maximize his mind controlling powers. Without the skull, his powers would remain neutral. At this present moment Gage did not have his precious skull. Severin did. 

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