Lily Potter

Lily, James and Albus Potter attend Hogwarts with their friends Rose and Hugo Weasley. They make a lot of friends along the way and have amazing adventures! With James, Albus and Rose in their second year and Lily and Hugo and an unexpected someone being in their first year Lily is the new Smartest Witch of her Age...


8. The weekend Pt1







Lily woke up with a jump. She had set an alarm for half past eight in the morning. She got up and got ready, went down to the Great Hall to have breakfast then to call her owl Hedwig (She had forced her brother to change his owls name) to send an owl to her dad saying that she was now the new Gryffindor Seeker. She got a reply almost instantly by her Mother and Father.

"We are so proud of you Lily! You are just like your father!


Well done! I have to admit I thought your brothers would make the Quidditch team first year but it was you all along! I will get you a broom before the end of this weekend but I have a lot of work at the Ministry right now though. So has anything exciting been happening lately?"

- Dad

Lily immediately thought of Scorpious but thought that she would rather not write that. So she just made up a lie and said: 'Nothing really except for the fact that I am on the Qudditch team.'

She tied it to Hedwigs leg and he flew off.  

She went down to the Quidditch Pitch to see Albus and James flying on broomsticks. Without thinking about what she had did she had yelled at them.

'Albus! James! Get down here now! Your not allowed to fly!'

They came down and started speaking to Lily.

'Your not allowed to be flying you know!' Lily said

'And why is that?' James said, They both had sniggered

'Why are you laughing?!' Lily screamed

'Well it's because were on the-the-the Quidditch team and your not!' They burst out laughing

'And who says I'm not on the Quidditch team?' Lily said rather confidently

'Well do you want the whole list?!' They were laughing much harder this time

Lily had it with them and screamed


They both stopped laughing and gave her a rather serious look

'Listen you don't have to make up lies.' Albus said in a tone like he would speak to a puppy

'Well you don't have to make up lies!'

Just then Joshua came on to the pitch

'How are my two favourite beaters ,James, Albus.'

He said with a smile

'Wait what?! But-he-they--no... WHY???!!' They're only in their second year!' Lily Shrieked

'And your in your first year Lily and your Gryffindor seeker.' Joshua said calmly

'What?!!!!' James and Albus said in unison 'She is?!'

'Yes, she is.' Joshua said calmly once again 'Hey Lily, did your dad get your broom yet?'

'He said he would get me one before the end of the weekend, but for now I need to talk to Hugo!'Lily began running and screamed 'Bye!'

Lily was Really angry she wanted to impress her dad, though he was, she wanted to more but Albus and James got to him first.

She ran into the Gryffindor tower and Saw Scorpious and Hugo talking. They were the only ones in there and the room was beautifully lit with rays of sunshine , birds were singing and they had a great view.

'What are you doing here?!'

Lily was so busy admiring how lovely their dormitory was that she jumped at the sound of anyone speaking.

She came back to reality and realized it was Hugo

'Lily, this is the Boys dormitory!'

'And I don't care!' She snapped ' Can I talk to you, Hugo?'

'Yeah, sure.' He stared at her blankly. Lily looked around the room.

'Alone, Hugo!

'Oh! Ok!'

They walked out of the dormitory down to the deserted Common Room.

'So what did you want to tell me?' Hugo said frowning while watching Lily jump up and down. 'Lily! Calm down!

'Sorry, I'm just so happy I don't know why now and not earlier but I am! She said exasperated

'Just tell me Lily!!!' Hugo said with a smile

'I'm the new new Gryffindor Seeker!'

'Oh ok, is that all?' Hugo said quite bored. Lily turned her smile into a death stare.

'That's it! I'm a first year and a Seeker!'

'Well, so was your dad so, I'm not suprised.' He said confidently. Lily stood there, eyes widened and mouth opened.

She slapped him on the side and said 'Weasel!'

'Hey! That's offensive in two ways!' They both laughed and talked and talked. It was quite a good Saturday.



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