Lily Potter

Lily, James and Albus Potter attend Hogwarts with their friends Rose and Hugo Weasley. They make a lot of friends along the way and have amazing adventures! With James, Albus and Rose in their second year and Lily and Hugo and an unexpected someone being in their first year Lily is the new Smartest Witch of her Age...


7. The new Gryffindor seeker

She grabs the old Nimbus 2001 and begins to fly not shaking the broom but flying rather smoothly. What she doesn't notice is that professor McGonagall just entered the Quidditch pitch.

She flies and twirls like she is a professional but all of a sudden something falls out of her pocket, it was dads Golden Snitch he had given her the for her first day at Hogwarts. The snitches wings suddenly open and it flies off into the distance, Lily grabs the Nimbus tightly and dashes off to get the snitch. After about forty five seconds she's gotten the snitch and puts into her pocket. She swoops down only to see Professor McGonagall looking quite astonished.

Oh no!!! What have I done?!! Lily thought

'Miss Potter! Please come with me, and leave the broom behind as it is not yours to use!' she says                                                                        

'Professor McGonagall I-' But Lily got cut off only by McGonagall calling: "Joshua!"

Lily had no idea who Joshua was but when he came over he looked like a fifth year student. He had Brown hair (quite messy) Blue eyes and was average height. He walked onto the pitch and grabbed the Nimbus 2001 which was the one Lily had just ridden.

'Hello Joshua, This is Lily, Lily Potter, Lily this is Joshua wood'

'Nice to meet you Lily!' Said Joshua calmly. He outstretched his hand for Lily to shake, Lily shook his hand feeling rather guilty.

'You too.' Lily pushed out

'Joshua, I think we have found a new Gryffindor seeker!'

Lily's eyes widened and mouth fell open. Joshua however looked very confused.

'Yes I know Joshua it seems all very confusing but your father was quidditch captain and Lily's father was also a seeker in his first year, it's in you blood, Quidditch.' Professor McGonagall said 'I'll leave you too it then!'

She walked off leaving Lily and Joshua alone.

After about two minutes of discussing what happened and what will happen, both of them had to go to class.

'So Lily don't forget to tell your father to get you a broomstick!' He called as they both walked away

'Broomstick? What's he on about?' Scorpious had just exited the common room on his way to charms.

'None of your business Malfoy!' Lily blurted out

'Ok so we aren't even calling each other by our names now are we? I thought you would have the decency to at least do that, Potter!' Scorpious shouted

'And I thought that you wold have the decency to at least believe me!'

'What's there to believe?!!' He screamed just as Lily had finished her sentence

Lily stood there staring at him and shook her head and walked out the room with her bag around her shoulder.

Lily had Divination next and she was one of six people that enjoyed Divination.

After fifty minutes of Divination it was break and she went and sat with her second year friend, Rose Weasley.

'So, Lily, what's going on between you and Scorpious, huh?'

'NOTHING!!' she screamed ' Nothing at all!!!'

'I was just asking!'

'And I was just saying!'

'Okay...Lets change the subject because obviously you don't want to talk about it.'

'It's not that I don't want to talk about it, it's just-' Lily suddenly had a tear streaming down her cheek. Rose leaned and pulledher in for a hug and whispered in her ear: "It will be ok, Lily."

Just then Scorpious with his two friends Daymen and Nile walked past, Scorpious looked like he felt bad for Lily but since he was with his friends he forced an: "Aw, missing me Potter?!" Both his friends laughed and walked away with him. Scorpious only heard Rose say: "Don't worry, Lily, just ignore him, it will be okay..." After hearing that, Scorpious' fake grin turned back to a sorry looking face, he then turned his head around and walked off.


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