Lily Potter

Lily, James and Albus Potter attend Hogwarts with their friends Rose and Hugo Weasley. They make a lot of friends along the way and have amazing adventures! With James, Albus and Rose in their second year and Lily and Hugo and an unexpected someone being in their first year Lily is the new Smartest Witch of her Age...


4. the letter

Dear Scorpious

You got into Gryffindor?

Don't worry, I'm not mad.....but


That is just.....not right!


Believe it or not there was a man in Gryffindor and he was amazing!

He would not believe I said that but I'm sure you know his name?

It is Harry Potter himself.

I better not keep you up so goodnight son....

Oh and mum says she loves you.

Scorpious smiles

"That's the first time I have ever seen you smile Scorpious!" Says James

"Oh shut up!" Says Scorpious

"Ok ok! Just saying!" James exclaims

"I think we should get to bed because you two are acting like Rose and Lily..." Albus blurts out

They all go to sleep except for James. James was twisting and turning but couldn't sleep and just then he heard a knock on the boy's dormitory door, he heaves himself out of bed and opened it and to his great surprise he sees Lily standing in front of the door.

'You couldn't sleep either, huh?' Lily asks

'Nope' he replies

Lily was holding a tiny little teddy bear in her arms (which most people would make fun of her of) and was in a her pjs but covered tightly around her was a lilac colored gown. Her gown actually looked good with her great blue eyes and red hair (which she inherited from her mother) where as her brother Albus has jet black hair (which he inherited from his father) and has emerald green eyes and Lily's other brother James had brown curly hair (which he didn't inherit from his mother nor his father) and has crystal blue eyes.

'Albus, I can't sleep! I-I-I have been having strange dreams lately and I've been waking up in the middle of the night and they are just-just-TERRIFYING!' She screams

'Shh! Be quieter! We are the only ones awake remember!' He points out

'Sorry' 'It's ok, come on let's talk in the common room.'

They walk down the flight of stars and sit on the couch but Lily quickly gets up, takes out her wand makes the fire place light up with crackling fire by whispering 'incendio'

'Albus' She says as she sits down 'I have been dreaming about this man-' 'WHAT?!' Albus interrupts 'Don't worry Albus!' She says wide eyed. 'What, I'm your brother and I'm in my second year and don't have a girlfriend so why would you, a first year, have a boyfriend?' He says 'hey! Anyway, I don't know who he is but he looks evil and- I don't know how to describe him but he just looked...evil!

Just then someone comes down the stairs, it was Scorpius he was in his pjs but apparently he's pjs only consisted of a shirt and he's underwear.

'Albus! Who are you talking to?' Lily was very small for her age and was hidden behind the couch. Albus didn't reply because Scorpious assumed that Albus was alone so he thought it would be fine to stand there and talk to Albus in his underwear.

Lily was about to get up but Albus quickly nudged her in the ribs to stop her, Lily obviously found out very quickly why, she was peeking out from the corner of the couch and trying to hold back her laughter but couldn't and let out a little squeal.

'Who was that?!'

Albus quickly thought of something and before he knew it he came up with his stupidest idea yet:'It was me!' He blurted out. 'But your mouth didn't move Albus!' 'Yeah, sorry about that...' 'Albus that's disgusting!'

That was it, Lily couldn't hold anymore and she curated out laughing. Scorpious came around the corner to see Lily sitting there almost crying with laughter.

'Lily!!!' Scorpious went pink especially because his mum had packed in his clothes and his underwear was to tight for him and was clinging to his body.

He ran upstairs but he wasn't running properly because it was to tight.

As they heard the door close, they burst out laughing completely forgetting about what they were discussing.

'Lily-you-should-wake me-up more-often!' Albus couldn't breath and was struggling to get the words out.

They walked out and back into there dormitories and fell fast asleep.

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