Lily Potter

Lily, James and Albus Potter attend Hogwarts with their friends Rose and Hugo Weasley. They make a lot of friends along the way and have amazing adventures! With James, Albus and Rose in their second year and Lily and Hugo and an unexpected someone being in their first year Lily is the new Smartest Witch of her Age...


1. The Hogwarts express

It was a normal Monday morning...... Wait a second.... This is Hogwarts we're talking about!! Nothing is normal at Hogwarts!!!!


*Flashback* Albus' POV

"There they are!!!" Hermione screams "where were you?" "Sorry we're late." Says Ginny. "Yeah, Albus was nervous to run through the wall." Harry says looking down at Albus (Albus Severous Potter one their eldest children) "Well I'm sorry that I've never ran through a wall before." Albus jokes. Harry rubs his head causing it to get all messy. "Dad!" Albus screams. "Don't worry Albus, you'll be getting a lot of that these days." Says Rose ( Hermione and ron's eldest child) tells him. They chuckle.

"Remember me?" Asks Ron. "How could we not?" Says Ginny with a smile. She goes and hugs her brother. "How are you mate?" Asks Harry shaking Rons hand. "I'm great, you." "Excellent!" replies Harry.

"I don't mean to interrupt or anything but it's almost time that they get on the train." Hermione says pulling a tissue out of her bag. "Oh mum! Don't cry!" Rose exclaims. "I'll be fine." Hermione replies

"Come lets get you ready Albus" Ginny says to him with a little bit of a sob. "Because your father just ruined your hair." "And i'm sorry for be a proud father!" Harry says. Harry an Albus chuckle, while everyone smiles.

"All aboard!!!" Screams the driver.

"Ok, you have all your clothes?" Hermione asks Rose. "Yes mum." Rose replies. Your snacks and money?" "Yes, mum." Rose replies yet again. "Leave the poor child alone." Ron says with a smile.

"Ok, Albus, are you going to sit next to Rose?" Ginny asks. "Yes, mum." He replies "Dad?" Albus calls. "Yes son?" "Can I talk to you?" "Of course!" Says Harry. They walk a little bit further away. "What is it?" "What if I get put in Slytherin?" Albus says quickly. "Well then you better Slyther away!" Harry jokes. "I'm just joking. If you get put in Slytherin then Slytherin will have gotten themselves a great young wizard besides I knew a great wizard that was in Slytherin and his name was Severous Snape." He continued. "So I was named after a Slytherin?" Asks Albus. "Yes. And he was Headmaster for a while, you were also named after the best head master there was! His name was Albus Dumbledore." "So you won't be mad?" Albus asks. "No, not at all! But in the end, it's you who decides. Just whisper to yourself 'not Slytherin, not Slytherin' well that worked for me. I just don't want you coming out bad, ok?" Harry said "yes, dad." Albus replies "Come on let's go!" Says Harry walking to the train.

"Have a great year!" Screams Ginny as Albus gets on the train. "Bye!" Screams Harry.

"I love you Rose!" Hermione screams as she eats on the bus. " We'll miss you!" Screams Ron.

They take their seats and just like Harry and Ron they bought a bunch of sweets to snack on leaving Roses food forgotten.

"Hey Rose! You have to try Chocolate frogs! I mean their good but they jump out the window most of the time." Says Albus picking one up. "Ok, let's open it on three." Rose suggests. "1"........"2"........."3!!" They open the boxes and the frogs jump to each other and to Albus' and Roses surprise the frogs jumped out the window holding hands! They both chuckle. "I got Severous Snape! Who did you get?" Asks Rose. "I got......" He begins. "Come on tell me!" Rose say getting impatient. "I...Got... Harry Potter!" To his surprise Albus saw his dad on the card waving to him. He turned it around and it said.

" Harry Potter is one of the best wizards of all time, he saved the wizard in world several times an no one can't forget his greatest achievement, defeating the dark lord Voldemort! He sacrificed himself for his friends but in the end he was the winner of the battle. He is now married to Ginny Potter (Weasley) and has three children Lily Luna Potter, James Sirius Potter and Albus Severous Potter. He enjoys spending time with his family and two best friends Ronald and Hermione Weasley (Granger).

"Wow! My dad sacrificed himself to the dark lord for his friends! My dad was a hero!

Roses jaw dropped after she had read it. " I didn't know your dad did all this!" Rose exclaims. "Yeah, neither did I."



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