Lily Potter

Lily, James and Albus Potter attend Hogwarts with their friends Rose and Hugo Weasley. They make a lot of friends along the way and have amazing adventures! With James, Albus and Rose in their second year and Lily and Hugo and an unexpected someone being in their first year Lily is the new Smartest Witch of her Age...


5. Potions pt1

*Present time* Lily's POV


Lily woke up at 6:30 and began to get ready as breakfast in the great hall starts at 8:00. She grabbed her robe and hung it on the shower rack then got undressed and into the shower. After that she got dressed into her Hogwarts robes, dried her hair and straightened it but leaving the bottom curly (it was already 7:00 and Lily was never late for anything so she rushed to get ready so she wouldn't be late) she finished her hair at 7:45 so she brushed her teeth and finished at 7:50 since there was 10 minutes she took out her books and began to study for potions which would be first period for Gryffindor first years. She noticed everyone was in the common room except Scorpious.


She got up at went into the boys dormitory since Scorpious was the only one In there.

'Scorpious?' She walks to his bed to see him fast asleep.

Apparently the boys thought it would be amusing to leave him asleep but Lily thought otherwise.

'Scorpious!' She was shaking him to wake up.

Finally, he woke up.

'Bloody Hell Lily! What are you doing here? And why are you an I the only ones in here?' Lily could tell by the look on Scorpious' face that he was very confused. 'Well everyone is ready except for you.' She says

Just then Scorpious jumps out of bed and runs to get ready. Lily walks downstairs to pack her books except leaving the hardest and heaviest one out she walks up to Albus and James carrying the book under her arm.

'James!' Lily screams assuming it was James' idea. She begins hitting him with the book from one side to the other word by word. 'Why-would-you-leave-Scor-pious-alone-to-be-late?!' Ending it with one huge hit on his right side.

'Ow!' He moans 'It wasn't me it was Albus!'

Lily turns to Albus and stares at him wide eyed and lips pursed, she begins to do the same thing she did to James to Albus.

'Ow! Sorry! But didn't you think it was funny?' Says Albus with a smirk on his face.

'No! No I did not!'

'Ooohh, I think Lily has a crush on Scorpious!' James screams

'Shut up!' Lily exclaims

'So you don't deny it! Look Scorpious you've got yourself a girlfriend!'

Lily turns around to see Scorpious standing there. She picks up her bag and runs out of the common room with her book firmly under her arm.

'You two should be ashamed of yourselves! I mean that was your sister! You can't just be so mean to her!' Scorpious exclaims

Scorpious runs after Lily.

'Lily! Lily! Wait!' He screams but Lily was running into the girls bathroom. 'Lily!!' It was to late she had gone into the girls bathroom. After about 5 minutes of waiting he heard noises coming from inside... It sounded like Lily was speaking to someone.

'Oh those boys sound AWFUL!' Said one high pitched voice 'What are their names again?'

'Albus and James Potter' He heard Lily sob

'Oh, so there are more Potters now huh?' Said the high pitched voice sounding rather delighted

'Yes! Anyway I have to go to the Great Hall I'm late. Bye Myrtle!' She screamed

Lily opened the bathroom door to see Scorpious standing right outside.

'What-are-you-doing-here?' Lily says while going a bright shade of red

'I just wanted to know if you were ok...' Scorpious says feeling a bit nervous but he was ready.

'Oh, I'm fi-'

Scorpious kissed her on the cheek and ran for it.

Lily was shocked her eyes grew bigger but slowly a smile came upon her face


Lily entered the Great Hall looking all around for Scorpious.

'Are you looking for your boyfriend Lily?' Asked Albus

Lily spun around and felt confident enough to say:'Actually, yes, yes I am.'

Albus and James looked astonished and before Lily left she heard James mumble: 'How did she get a date before I did? I mean we were talking about it last night!'

Lily smiled and she saw Scorpious sitting at the end of the long table alone. She walked up to him,sat next to him and spoke casually like nothing ever happened.

'Hi!' Lily said

'H-h-hi...' He replied

'What's wrong Scorpious?'

'I'm sorry Lily, you know I didn't mean to! I just couldn't help it!'

'Oh Scorpious!'

Lily gives Scorpious a hug and he begins to blush.

Ten minutes later

'Sorry Scorpious, but I have potions class now I have to go! Oh and if anybody asks...Your my boyfriend, bye!'

Lily runs off without looking back and as she runs out of the great hall she accidentally bumped into Hugo.

'Oh hey Hugo! You know we have potions now?'

'Yeah I know I just came looking for you.'


'Because I found out who our teacher is going to be!'

'Oh! Who?!'

'Professor Snapes ghost!'

'He's a ghost?!!!!!!'





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