I'm In Love With You

There a new boy in town named Luke Hemmmings. He go to East Wood High. Ashley,Katie,Micheal,Ashton,and Calum goes to East Wood High. What happens when they meet him? will they like him?


2. Chapter 2

Ashley pov

He has blonde hair and blue eyes. "Class this is luke hemmings" the teacher said. "Luke u can go and sit next to ashley" the teacher said he nodd and walk over to ths chair next to me. He put his foot up on the table that it covering the textbook. I push his foot off. He put his foot up again. I push it off again "can u mind" i said "no" he said and put his foot up again. I roll my eyes.

After class. I went to my locker. Katie and Ashton came over. "Hey guys" i said "hey" they both said "did u guys meet the new boy yet" i said "i have" Ashton said "not me" Katie said. "Hes my new partner for science for the rest of the year" i said "hes not that bad" Ashton said "yea thats what u say" i said.

The bell rings and i went to history. I goes and sit where my sign seat is. Guess who sit next to me Luke. Class started. "Ok class u have a project u guys have to do" the teacher said "i'm gonna pick ur partner" the teacher said the people groans. She asign partner. "Last of all is Luke and Ashley" the teacher said. I look over to luke. "Ok class the project is due in three weeks" the teacher said.

The bell rings. I packed my stuff and went out of class. I went to lunch. I sat with Katie,Ashton,Calum, and Micheal. "Hey guys" i said "hey" they all said. We talk for awhile. Then the bell ring i went to art. Class started

The bell ring and i went to my locker. When i turn around i saw luke "we can work on the project at my house if u want sweetie" he said "sure but dont call me sweetie pls" i said and walk to my next class

Srry for a short chapter.

But i hope u guys like my chapter

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