I'm In Love With You

There a new boy in town named Luke Hemmmings. He go to East Wood High. Ashley,Katie,Micheal,Ashton,and Calum goes to East Wood High. What happens when they meet him? will they like him?


1. Chapter 1

Ashley's POV

"ASHLEY WAKE UP" calum said "WHY" i said "BC WE HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL" calum said "FINE" i said. I woke up wait let me Introduce myself

Hi my name is Ashley hood. And yes calum is my brother. I have a best friend name Katie. Now lets continue.

I went into the bathroom. I brush my teeth and went into my bedroom. I pick out a outifit. It was a crop top saying I love starbucks. I wore high waisted shorts. I put on black vans and i went to my makeup dresser. I brush my hair and did my makeup.

"ASHLEY HURRY UP" calum said "I'M TRYING" i said. I finish up and went downstair. "Finally" calum said "shut up" i said "lets go" calum said "kk" i said. We went to the car. "Calum ur driving" i said. He laughs "u cant drive idiot" calum said "oh yea" i said laughs with him.he drive to school. We arrive i got out. I went into school. I went over to Katie and Ashton. Oh yea Katie and Ashton are dating. "Hey guys" i said "hey" they both said.

We talk for awhile then the bell ring. I said bye to then. And went to first period. I sat where i always sit. None of my friends are in this class. Oh yea this class is science. I took my phone and went on instagram. Then the teacher came in "OK CLASS" the teacher said. I put my phone away and everybody went quiet. "Ok class we have a new student" the teacher said. Then a boy walk in.

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