your painless torture

Adaline was always a loner never to be seen a complete reject. One night Adaline was walking home to her house where her mother and father wait for her arrival.Out of no where 5 dark figures appear on her path. Taken by the worst of all gangs in England One direction. Will she ever get out of the painless torture of there kidnaping.


1. The Kidnaping








Adaline's pov

School seemed to drag on today more than it has before I feel like its telling me to stay.I knocked these voices out of my head and carried on to my locker.I grabbed my bag, my books,my phone and my pens.I made my way down the street to the little path that cut behind house one of them being mine.I began doing my english and math home work in the park about 3 blocks from my house



I looked up my phone was beeping AMBER ALERT one direction are in your town get home I clicked it it read "they have never taken teen girls but we fear they might to night after the terror they left on our town last year and the note they left in mr cobbles store we must advice you to stay at home until notice is out that they have gone".I started to get nervous i gather my things and start to speed walk home.5 figures walk out in front of my I feel my face lose all coulor.I could see a pair of blue eyes through the mask "Hello love whats a pretty girl like you doing out so late"he asked "party?" asked another his brown hair was kinda sticking out of his mask hat thing. "No! I was just studying in the park" I was find it hard to breathe "Well love why don't you come with us"he ripped his mask of his green eyes staring into mine I felt a thing over my mouth and I was out like a light.  


"She's a pretty one" I heard as i started to wake up "ya" someone agreed.The door opened quickly I closed my eyes "I know your awake babe' i cringed I opened my eyes 4 guys stood over me "Whats your name sweet?" a guy with kinda quaffed hair and stubble should I lie or- "Adaline" said the one with the longish brown hair he was holding papers "whats that!" I asked "she speaks" he teased "its your record we have been following you for a while babe" he smirked "don't call me that!!" he smiled "your mine I call you what i want"


They led me to a room "sit" the one with the big quiff said I sat. "I'm zayn and I own you"the big quiff narrowed his eyes at me "I'm louis and I own you" the blue eyed on spoke as if he was kinda sorry me "I'm niall and I own you" he didn't seem like he really wanted to do this "I'm liam and I own you" he seemed angry and very aggressive "Im harry and I own you" he had no sympathy in is voice he wanted me here and I'm not leaving. Harry and Liam stood up "now for the rules" liam stared in to my eyes "there will be no running away,you may not say no to us,you can't sleep in your own,you can't make any food by yourself if you break any of these rules I will punish you understand" He was now looking evil" yes liam I understand" i stuttered "Your will be stay with me in my room " harry spoke staring at me "ok" I felt the tears coming louis came over to me "get up " he whispered I did as I was told.


I followed harry to his room he opened a wardrobe full of shorts and crop tops,"my body is not made for clothes like that" I looked up at him . "Pick an outfit and change bathrooms over there" he said pointing to a small door I picked a bart Simpson crop top and some denim shorts.I changed and walk over to the bed and placed my folded old clothes on the bed I felt a pair of arms around my waist and light kisses on my neck i jumped and turned around to meet harrys eyes his lips hit mine  I pulled away "rule number too babe you can't say no" he whispered I cried he let go of me "its not that bad at least we didn't kill you just your family" he laughed my knees puled out i fell to the ground crying                                                                 

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