Lead Me To Your Heart (The Diary of Anna Fennel)

When Gabriel's friend finds a diary belonging to a 16 year old girl, his world turns upsidedown. Gabriel reads the diary and falls in love with this girl. He decides to go find her, but nothing goes as he had expected...


1. The Diary



Dear diary. Something has been bothering me for a while now. My eyes desire Derec, but my heart desires something else. Something i don't know, but crave so badly. I need to keep searching. I need to search for my heart, cause i've lost it, and someone else has got it. Someone who I truely deserve. And I need to trust that he will find me.


"What is this? Where did you get it? " I closed the book and stared at Dean. He reached out and grabed a handful of chips, and shoved them in his mouth. "I told you I found it on a bench at the park, " he said and shrugged. I glared at him. "Dude stop, you're creeping me out! I'm trying to enjoy my chips, " he said with his mouth full. "Were there anyone near the bench? Maybe they left it there to come back for it later. I mean, someone could be missing it, " I said, trying not to sound desperate, but failing. "I don't think anyone would just leave their diary on a public bench, so they could pick it up later, " Dean said. "Yeah, it's not like a diary-kindergarden man. Why are you so upsessed about this? Relax, " Chris added calmly. Just ten minuts ago, Chris and I were trying out my new PS4, and everything was normal. Then Dean knocks on my door with some book he had found, that turned out to be a 16 year old girls diary. I'm not sure what was wrong with me. I needed to know more about this diary. I needed to know more about this girl. "Gabe." Chris snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Gabriel. It's just a book."

Aften I'd kicked Dean and Chris out of my house, I started checking the diary for a name or phonenumber. But there was nothing. I sighed and opened it at the second page. Love is a mysterious thing, was the first sentence. I couldn't stop myself from reading it.


Love is mysterious thing. And doubt is the part of love that I hate the most. But to love someone you have to doubt them. And to doubt someone, you have to love them. But sometimes that's what you're in doubt about. I like Derec but I'm not sure that my heart does. My heart is in doubt about him, and I'm in doubt about my heart. 


I wasn't suposed to read this. I wasn't suposed to read someone elses diary. But there was something about this girl. And some how i felt like she wanted me read it.

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