Dragon Hunter: Dawn of Change

Ever wondered what dragons are really like? This question never came across Sam's mind, as he had always thought of his parentless, lonely life as a stream of boredom and routine. However, this was before his life was transformed by dragons, being a dragon, and companionship.

A crimson-haired smart aleck, a buck-wild warrior , an introverted marksman. These are the people who will aid Sam Winters in proving that not all dragons are the evil creatures people believe them to be.


4. Revelation

"Who are you?" Sam asked his guest, who proceeded to stroll over to the sofa and leap onto it with his back, crossing his legs. Sam squinted, trying to figure out was was going through this person's mind. The rudeness of some people.

     "Jasper," he replied, eyes closed and an innocent smile marking his face.

     "That doesn't explain a lot, does it?" Sam thought before he continued.

     "What are you doing here?" he muttered, ending the tranquillity in the room. The other intruder was lying on the floor, definitely not conscious.

     "Rather simple," Jasper retorted, not looking at Sam, "the one who attacked you, he was a Hurderack worshipper. They believe in the god, Hurderack, who apparently hates supernatural creatures."

     "Supernatural?" echoed Sam, the word escaping his surprised mind.

     "Vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, that sorta stuff."

     Sam couldn't do anything but stand there. As if Jasper's words were restraining him. 

     "That doesn't explain anything," he exclaimed. He wouldn't have thought about how impertinent he sounded on a usual day, never mind when all this had happened. "Why was he here and why ar--"

     "You're a dragon," Jasper interrupted 

     That was it. The words stopped him in his path like some sort of barrier. Nothing that he was hearing made sense at all, and the room that he was standing in plunged into an awkward silence.

     "I'm a what?" 

     Jasper decided that it was time to sit up. He gestured with a hand for Sam to sit down on the other sofa. He protested this at first, but considered that he would need to sit before hearing any more.

     "I'll just assume that you know what dragons are: winged, scaled, powerful beasts able to destroy mountains with their strength. Well, they can still die. Problem is, when this happens, the dragon's cells may remain active and try and invade a human host."

     Sam's eyes widened with disbelief. "What are you trying to say?"

     "You love your questions, don't you?" Jasper answered.

     "Just answer me!" the supposed dragon yelled, earning a howling laugh from the Iguana, as the other man called him.

    "Listen, whoever your mother was, there were draconic cells within her body while she was pregnant with you. These cells might have killed some of your junk human DNA, and taken it's place. And there we go, draconic human."

     The information bombarded Sam's mind; he wasn't sure how fast he could take this in.

     "You sure know your stuff," he responded, sounding convinced.

     "Tell me," Jasper continued, "have you ever noticed something strange about your body? As in, not human?"

     Sam knew what he meant, and he was sure that his eyes widened, so Jasper would have known that he understood him too. He swallowed, considering what to do.

     "Just tell me."

     Sam slowly brought himself to his feet. His breathing was steady and his palm raised slightly, sprouting a calm stream of flames which scurried up his arm, then around his body before disappearing into the air.

     Jasper's cobalt blue eyes became as large as the ocean when he had to resist gasping. "I've never seen a dragon control their flames in that way. That truly is amazing." A gaping beam reappeared on his face.

     "He said that you were a dragon hunter," uttered Sam. "What does he mean by that? Are you here to kill me too?"

     Jasper gave a nonchalant yawn before speaking. "Dragon hunters rarely kill unless the dragon we're after is extremely dangerous. Our organisation is a legal service working for the King. We don't harm civilians. Creates a bad impression, y'know?"

     "So what are you going to do?" asked Sam, trying to suppress the anxiety in his voice. 

      "My leader, the Padrone, sent me here. We had information about a Hurderack worshipper in the area looking for a dragon. My mission was to stop you from getting killed, and bring you to our HQ in Silverpond."

     Silverpond. Sam knew of it. It was Mardo's capital city, where all kinds of characters would do business within. Thieves. Mages. Treasure hunters. They could all be found there.

     After a long silence in which Sam was pondering about what to say, Jasper felt it necessary to add, "HQ means headquarters."

     "I know what HQ means, smartass."

     Another small chuckle came from the Iguana before another short speech.

     "I've just got to bring you back so that the Padrone can decide what to do with you. It's not safe for you here; you almost got killed by the lowest of the lowest threats to dragons."

     The words cut into Sam like knives. They irritated him, but they were also true. After seeing how fast Jasper could move, he knew that outrunning him wouldn't be too wise.

     "Okay," mumbled Sam, "although I doubt I have a choice."

     "Of course you do!" exclaimed Jasper with a cheerful grin, "you can come with me nicely, or I'll kick your ass."


     Sam had packed a few possessions into a rucksack and they had exited the house. Clouds loomed overhead, a breeze swept through Sam's hair as he stepped outside.

     "You know, this may be the last time you see this house. Don't you want to say goodbye?"

     Sam didn't answer, and Jasper took this as a no.

     They were heading for Silverpond. 


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