Dragon Hunter: Dawn of Change

Ever wondered what dragons are really like? This question never came across Sam's mind, as he had always thought of his parentless, lonely life as a stream of boredom and routine. However, this was before his life was transformed by dragons, being a dragon, and companionship.

A crimson-haired smart aleck, a buck-wild warrior , an introverted marksman. These are the people who will aid Sam Winters in proving that not all dragons are the evil creatures people believe them to be.


2. Boredom

Sam woke up on the sofa, not too well-rested. His eyes adjusted and the colours on the walls became clearer. He had been staring at the fire until rather late, and it was amazing how he had managed to wake up at seven. Sitting up, he began to picture how his day would be, and immediately wanted to stay at home. Everything lacked interest in this town, and school was definitely no exception. 

     Sam's willpower eventually brought him to his feet, leaving the familiar comfort of his sofa behind as he walked into the kitchen. He gazed out of the window to see a mother walking with her child, and allowed himself a small smile. They looked happy. The child was skipping, making a valiant attempt to keep up with her mother who gave her daughter a look of adoration. Sam's smile eventually faded as he realised that he would love to be back in his orphanage, which was the closest thing to a family that he ever had.

     He sometimes missed his friends at the orphanage, and wondered what they were doing. That was before it hit him like a bullet: they were with their parents. No one would adopt Sam. Perhaps because he was too introverted, or too strange. These questions often wandered around in his mind before he managed to force them out, defiantly saying "I don't need that," under his breath.

     He decided that it was time to go after eating a small breakfast. A gentle breeze pushed him along the pavement on his way to school. The wind ruffled his hair as he begrudgingly made his way up the road. His movement was only slowed more when he became stuck behind a group of his slow walking peers, chatting happily about new films and internet videos. He would be irritated that they were going about as fast as dying turtles if he was actually looking forward to getting to his destination. But school for him was a thing to endure rather than enjoy.

     At least the weather was nice, though. There was a great amount of sunlight hugging the town, yet the heat was bearable. It wasn't the kind of heat that would hinder anyone who was caught in its unbearable grip. It was the subtle warmth that would convince Sam to get through the day.

    If only his academy was as nice as the weather. Swimming through crowds of other teens in an attempt to get to class, he nearly tripped quite a few times. The corridors were narrow, barely able to hold the river of students walking through. Sam occasionally pictured the people who built them chuckling at the thought of the students' hall-related anger, drinking wine in their cozy chairs like comic book villains, with their undeserved architecture qualifications hanging over their walls.

     When he finally got to class, feeling like he had just arrived from a battlefield, a certain group of people suddenly fixed their eyes on him. And at the centre of them, Pete, the boy who thought that the universe revolved around him and had the idea that he was the most important person on the planet.


    "Alright, loser?" he asked, looking at Sam condescendingly. The unoriginal insult had somehow earned him a laugh from his friends, who didn't care much 

    "Yeah, thanks for asking," Sam responded indifferently, heading towards his seat, only to be blocked by two people who clearly didn't understand his lack of concern.

    "Wow," Pete continued, "he actually answered." 

     Sam's tone became even more satirical. "Oh shit, you got me," he said with a blank expression before making another move for his seat.

    "You think you're smart, Winters?" Pete exclaimed, looking around briefly at his friends for approval. "You think you can punch my cousin in the face and get away with it?"

    Sam stopped before turning to Pete, remembering what happened yesterday before a look of sudden clarity appeared. "I didn't know he was a relative of yours, Pete. If I had, I would've smacked him some more. Maybe a few knocks to the head would make him forget he was your cousin and live happily."

    A round of quiet laughter went around the classroom, which was still lacking a teacher. Pete fell silent, as he had no retort.

     "Now, if you'll excuse me," Sam continued, "I'm gonna go sit down so that I can think of ways to endure the thought of sharing a class with you."

     "Oh no you're not."

     Sam's reflexes kicked in and prompted him to catch a fist that was flying towards him. He had in in a tight grip and saw that his attacker was one of Pete's friends rather than the dunderhead himself. His nonchalant, calm face twisted into one of terrifying anger, making the boy bellow in fear before being thrown into the wall at the back of the class. 

     The others in the class started chanting in excitement and Pete's smug grin was swiped from his face. The chanting soon turned into screams of horror as one of the boys got a knife out and charged at Sam, who felt a slight sensation of pain when he raised his hand allowing the knife to be plunged into it rather than anywhere else in his body. The boy soon regretted it when he felt an explosive kick hurl him to the other side of the room. Roars of excitement came from everyone in the room; this was as much a form of entertainment to them as a pantomime.

     Everyone was surprised to see Sam calmly walk towards the classroom door, just when they thought the fight would continue

     "The hell are you going?" asked Pete, as if he wasn't flabbergasted ten seconds ago.

     "The nurse, you dumbass," Sam replied, "if I take this knife out, it'll just start bleeding." Pete was silenced once more. "And another thing. Taking me on in a group? Very brave."

     "Shut the hell up, orphan."

     Sam suddenly stopped walking. He felt his body twitch. Pete just had to stoop that low.

     "Yeah, that's right, I said it. You're an orphan. You couldn't get adopted because you're unloveable. You have no family, no friends. You're a joke."

     Everything was silent. Pete was desperate for attention and had jo idea what the consequences would be, and everyone knew.

     "And you know what?" he whispered.

     Some of his companions were about to tell him to stop talking, but they knew how stupid he was. He wouldn't listen.

     Sam was on the border of becoming furious now, and he could feel his flames trying to break free of his body. They were getting harder and harder to control the more enraged he became, and what Petr said next dove him over the edge.

     "If I had a child like you, I'd also abandon him..."

     The tension was becoming unbearable, as was Sam's temper. The flames were now showing, drifting around his body. Everyone could see Sam becoming completely enveloped in roaring flames before the space around him exploded, complementing his scream of anger. Fire swallowed the space around him, creating a vortex of heat. Somewhere in the inferno, Sam's voice could be heard cursing at Pete.

     It was lucky that the other students had made their way to the other end of the classroom when the flames first appeared. Otherwise, they would have been burned to a crisp.

     The flames eventually died down and Sam's peers were shocked to see him unharmed. A high pitched alarm echoed through the school- the fire alarm- and the room was soaked in water. The shower, however, had no effect on the students who were looking at Sam with wide open eyes. The place that Sam was stood in consisted of half-disintegrated desks and a burnt wooden floor. Sam was panting for breath.

     With one quick look at everyone, he instinctively darted out of the room, leaving a confused crowd of adolescents and an almost demolished room behind him.




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