My Life

Emma dosent have any friends at school or in whole london, with her long blue hair and her eyebrow pircing everybode rejected her. her only friend Ally lives in australia but what happens when she goes to spend he summer with Ally wasent expecded coz she diddent know that ally had a older brother or that he was in the band she dreamd about meeting every night


1. chapter 1

 i woke up the the lovely smell of panckes 

"em are you up yet" i could hear my mom yell from the kichen 

i quickley jumped out of bed and in a pair of black jeans and my blink 182 t-shirt and ran down.

i turned 17 yesteday so my mom bought me the plaine tickets to go to Australia as a gift 

im going to spend the whole summer in Australia with my bestie who live there her name is Ally

i gave my mom a quick hug and then started eating the pancakes she made me 

my dad was there too he was reading the newspaper.

my flight wasent til 14:00 and its only 09:00


i went upstares and found my blue hair color, it had been so long since i last dyed my hair that it was almost the normal brown, i quickly colored it so it was a nice blue again 

i looked at my clock 10:30 


i desidet to go pack all my stuff 

when i got to my room i put on my 5seconds of summer playlist 

i opend my closet and took preatty much all of it out and put in my suitcase 

when she looks so perfect stardet playing i sang along " your lipstick stain is a work of art, i got your name tattoed in an arrow heart " i danced around singing along when all of a sudden my mom came in and said it was time to go.

i looked at my phone, 13:00time to go to the airport 




i had a little tear in my eye i mean i love my parents and not seeing them all summer was gonna be a little wird 

but i put on some music and fell asleep to the lyric of amnesia //tell me this is just a dream.. coz im really not fine at all //


 i got waked up by i woman tapping me on the shoulder 

" sorry to wake you but we are about to land " 

" ohh thanks " 

i sad up staright and rubbed my eyes .

10 minuts later i stod in the australien airport 

i called ally to say i was here now 

"hallo "

"hey ally its em im here now"


"yea me and my brother "

"ohhh the brother you never wanted to tell me the name of, i finally get to see who he is ?"

"yep and i think ur going to be suprised.. ohh i see u now bye "

before i could even say bye i got the biggest hug in the world 

" omg em i`ve missed you so freaking much" ally said 

" i`ve missed you too "

she slowley let go of me 

" my brother is waiting in the car waiting "

we walked over to get my bags 

when we got out in i saw something i never thought i would see "ally dont  freak out but luke hemmings is right there !" 

"i know " she said 

"......." i was so confused 

" luke is my brother dummie " she said 

"All i love u but if this is a joke im gonna kill u "

"hhaha sadly no its true he my brother and come on i want to show u my house "


we slowly walked over to the car, as we sat in on the backseat he turned around give me his hand saying 

" hello im luke hemmings allys older brother "

"h.. hey im e...emma "

" your alot prettyr than i expected " he said with a smirk 

i could feel my cheeks blush up 

"good luke she hasent been here for 5 minuts and ur already flirting with her "

"sorry but she`s really hot" he said laughing and started driving 


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