If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell ~ Cover by the fabulous Mirlotta


4. The War in Heaven

War is just one of many words strongly associated with evil. War is bad. Usually.

The war in Heaven was not like most wars. That is to say, no one was killed, no territories seized, and there were no badly edited propaganda photos. Indeed, all this happened before the concept of war had been created, so there was nothing to compare it to.

Despite this, the war in Heaven was undoubtedly the most devastating war ever.

Before I begin to tell you about this war, and the subsequent ending of the friendship of The Creator and The Servant, you must first throw away any preconceived notions, or presumed knowledge, you have on this matter. I will make the possibly ridiculous assumption that, despite being mortal, you do posses some meagre intelligence, and therefore you have probably deduced who these two beings are. Or at least, you probably think you have. My advice to you is this; forget what you think you know. I assure you that it is most likely incorrect. The evil that is in the good caused the truth to be hidden from you, and it is the good in the evil that causes me to reveal it now.

The War in Heaven was not what you might think.

It had been building for an eternity. One cannot be as close to ones master as the Servant was without feeling the bitter pricks of jealousy. Despite the friendship between him and The Creator, The Servant was and forever would be beneath him, existing only to serve, never to rule. He was painfully, acutely aware of this fact, and he resented it.

He dwelled on this thought for several of your mortal lifetimes, until he could no longer stand it. He pulled away from his master, and The Creator, confused and saddened by his withdrawal, sought to console him. But The Servant would not crawl back. He turned to his fellow Angels, and used his status as Archangel to raise himself a Seraphic army, one of catastrophic, terrible power. The light of Angels is bright, but brighter light only leads to thicker darkness, and an Angel is most powerful when he turns to evil.

The Servant and his army turned on their master. The Creator was caught unawares; he hurriedly scraped together an army of his own and met the attack. But The Servant had been persuasive, and The Creator was horrified to discover the strength of the opposing army. The Servant had recruited over two-third of the Angels of Heaven to his cause, and together they overwhelmed The Creator’s forces. The fighting was long and the suffering was great, but in the end The Servant triumphed.

When, at last, The Creator laid down his arms and pleaded for mercy, he was brought before him who had once been his Servant. The Servant looked down at his once-master, and there was no pity in his gaze. He had fought without mercy and he showed no mercy now.

The Creator searched for a trace of the friendship and love he had once seen in those eyes, but he found nothing. All traces of tenderness had been burnt out by a lust for power. And The Creator was saddened by the realisation that, despite his best efforts to create a being of goodness, evil had wormed its way in regardless.

When his fate was proclaimed, The Creator did not fight it. He did not struggle as he, along with the Angels who had fought by his side, was banished. The Heaven, which he had created, was now barred to him, as one of his creations claimed his throne. And The Creator was left to find a new place to rule.

Eventually, after years of searching for a safe place for him and his Angels, The Creator remember the void he had created. The unintentional gap in the worlds, where dwelled the last remaining nothing. The Creator made his home there, along with the Angels who no longer were divine. He observed Heaven, where a traitor sat in his throne, and he grew bitter. He watched, as the Ruler of Heaven spread rumours about him, manipulated the truth of the War in Heaven so that The Creator was cast in a harsh light. And The Creator grew more bitter still.

Over time, the evil in him grew to outweigh the good, until The Creator became the face of evil, just as the Ruler of Heaven became the face of goodness.

Yet still, he did not forget that he had once been good, just as the Ruler of Heaven had turned to evil. Still, he hoped that their roles would be reversed.

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