If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell ~ Cover by the fabulous Mirlotta


5. Lucifer

You know me by a thousand names. I am Satan, I am the Devil, I am the voice in your ear that tempts you and leads you astray. Mine is the dark place between worlds, between time and space. Mine are the dark things. I am Lucifer, the morning star. I am evil.

But I was not always so. Like I said before, there is no such thing as pure evil, just as there is no such thing as pure goodness. The remnants of virtue remain in me, cruel reminders of my days as Ruler of the Heavens. That title was seized from me, by the one who calls himself God. He is considered to be the definition of goodness, and yet my current state, degraded and usurped by him, is evidence of his lingering malevolence. Maybe we are not that different, him and I. After all, I, Lucifer, once ruled the Heavens as he does now. Until he, God, one of my own creations, turned on me, and I fell.

Who knows; maybe history will repeat itself. Maybe, somewhere in the goodness of Heaven, evil is stirring, another avenging angel ready to fight for his place as ruler. And then where will God be? Maybe he will join his old friend Lucifer. Maybe, one day, God too will fall.

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