If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell ~ Cover by the fabulous Mirlotta


3. In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing. And then, through a series of bizarre, remarkable coincidences and a generous amount of luck, there was Something. This Something was known as The Creator.

I will not attempt to explain to you how The Creator came to be; partly because you wouldn't understand, partly because I can’t be bothered, but largely because I don’t actually know. I, of course, was not there at the time, and nowadays he who was The Creator is not often inclined to be helpful. I’ll come to that later.

Befitting his name, The Creator  - through another course of events I won’t bother to explain – manipulated the nothing into more something. Predominantly, he separated time and space, and in doing so he created a small tear, a void between the two. It is in this rip that dwell the dark things of the worlds. The dark things were not always there, and it is their tale I tell you now.



But back to The Creator.

Creating all existence is, naturally, strenuous work, and the Creator decided he could use some help. Of all his creations, the many worlds, night and day, it was the Angels of which he was most proud. They were his Heavenly assistants, to ease the burden and provide the necessary bridge between The Creator and the mortals of the many worlds he had made.

These Angels were many, each one resplendent and divine, and The Creator was pleased. With himself. As usual.

For a while, an uncertain length of time somewhere between ‘an age’ and ‘eternity’ Heaven was uneventful. Even boring, one might say. The Creator created, the Angels served him, and the mortal worlds continued to exist in their tedious cycle of life and death. The only interesting occurrence during this time – or at least, the only thing that actually affects my story - was the development of a particular Angel who, for the moment, I will refer to as The Servant, although that is not his name.

 It is probably worth mentioning at this point that both The Servant and The Creator do, in fact, have names, but these are names which you will most likely recognise and therefore the stigmas attached to them will colour your interpretation of the story. So, for now, I will keep them a secret.

The Servant was, initially, nothing more than a Seraph, part of the Heavenly choir of The Creator. But time saw him rise through the Angelic ranks until he became an Archangel, and considered himself to be as close to The Creator as it were possible to be.

Eventually, a bond formed between The Creator and The Servant, a bond of friendship and purity, a bond unstained by the evil that was yet to exist. This bond continued to strengthen until, inevitably, it was broken.

Some things are doomed to fail, and this friendship was one of them.

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