Dream boy......❤️

Leah was that good type of girl that was to scared to do anything until she met her love Calum Hood


3. Him...

"Hi I just I just moved here and I'm kinda just lookin around and I wanted to meet the neighbors"I said very awkwardly "well hello there I'm calum and these are my lads" "hey"I said as I waved they all said hey at the same time. "Well I heard you guys playin some music and u sounded very good" I said"thanks love we were just about to practice one more song wanna stay and listen?""yeah I'd love to"after that I was being walked around the house with Calum cuz he asked if he could talk with me..after we left the garage he took me up stairs and right be for he was gunna take me to his room he stopped" what's wrong "I asked worried" nothing I really just want to try and not mess up because your a lovely girl and I'd really love to take out tomorrow night" "calum.....you don't have to try hard to impress me or anything I'd like you for you and I'd love to go out with you."

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