Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


46. Thank you!


Thank you!

Thank you so much to Lavern2002, thank you for reading my story and making such a beautiful cover. Your name should be much bigger so people notice your talent!

I want to thank all my wonderful friends, thank you for the inspiration and thank you for being so amazing friends!<3

Thank you to my family. They've done so much for me, and I can't thank them enough.

And thank you to YOU who's reading this..

Thank you for reading on, without you.. I wouldn't be here..


I will publish more here on Movellas, but also on my blog

I love you all, and hope you enjoyed this story;)

I can't thank you enough!

Love M.K.

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