Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


9. December 9th

Will leaves my wheelchair, and walks up to my mother who's standing at the door.

"Ms. Highway.. This is your daughter.. Annabelle.. She came to see you" I hear him saying, as he walks toward her. My mothers looks over at me, and stares blankly, so I try to wave, but she keeps looking confused at me. She starts to walk toward me.

Will stops, and looks as she passes him. She gets to my wheelchair, and bows herself down to my hight. I look into her dark blue eyes, and see confusion. I see my own reflection, and I see myself sitting in a chair..

My black hair is tangled, I look pale and I have dark shades under my eyes.. I look sick.

I look fragile like porcelain that could break at any time,


I try to smile, but my mother stares at me. "Mom?" I say. She stands up right, and straightens up. "You're just like Noah aren't you? You wander of to better places, and you leave me here.. Alone. You're not my daughter.. My daughter has legs that work.. My daughter is healthy and happy.. You're a monster!

Leave this instant, and never come back!" She screams at me, and I feel hallow inside.

The tears runs down my cheeks, and I look at the woman in front of me, and look for signs of my mother, but I return with empty hands. She looks like her. Brown curly hair, blue eyes and an old face. Fragile and still so strong.


But she's not the mother I loved.

"Will! Take me away from this person" I say coldly, as I stare at the woman.

Will hurries over and grabs my chair, and starts to roll me away.

"But.." He starts. But I interrupt him. "She's not my mother. My mother cared for me.. This woman is nowhere near my mother" I say.


The whole way over to the house where I'll be living, is spent in complete silence.

As we get to the yellow house, Will stops and walks over and faces me. "Who's Noah?" He ask.

I laugh. "Are you jealous?" I joke. Will crosses his arms, and lifts and eyebrow. "So what if I were?" He snaps at me. I laugh, and Will smiles. "He was my brother. Don't worry." I say.

Will smiles. "Don't worry? What is that supposed to mean exactly?" He says.

I shake my head no. "Will. I know what you're trying to do.. And it's not gonna work.. I don't.." I hesitate. Will turns, and grabs my wheelchair. "I know what you are trying to do.. You're trying to push me away. But you know as well as I, that it has the opposite effect" He says, and speeds up.


I sigh, as we enter the house. "I'll only disappoint you" I say quietly, and hope he didn't hear it.

He stops the wheel chair immediately, and turns to face me.

"Annabelle" He whispers. And a few seconds after, a woman comes down, pulls Will away and whisper something to him.


I stare at the two of them. The woman is about my age. Her hair is blonde and set up in a braid.

Her eyes are light brown, and sparkles in the reflection of the lamps.

She's thin and elegant. She looks strong, and fearless.


She turns around and faces me. "Oh 'ello" She says in a french accent.

I nod, as she shakes my hand. "My name'z Aimée. Z'est so nice to finally meet you" She says, and smiles. I try to smile, bur I'm filled with jealousy. "Annabelle" I answer.


I look from Will to Aimée. The tension between them, is strange. I feel that something is going on between them. The way they look at each other is mysterious.

"Where do you and Will know each other?" I ask.

Aimée laughs, it sounds and feels like honey, while looking over at Will.

She looks back at me, and smiles. "William is mon fiancée!" She says, while clapping her hands like a retarded seal. I look over at William in disbelief. He sighs, and meets my look. He instantly looks sorry, and I can see the apology in his eyes. "Really?" I ask with a fake smile.


"I really must go, or.. Roll.. Bye" I say, while grabbing the wheels and beginning to push my way out.

My arms scream in pain, but I ignore it.. I need to get away.

"Bye!" Aimée says, but I'm already out the door. It's going to slow.


William catches up with me in no time. He stops in front of my chair, and I hesitate. "Fiancée?! Really? You forgot to tell me? Anyway! It doesn't matter. Move!" I half scream at him.



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