Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


8. December 8th

I wake up with a massive pain in my chest, I try to roll over, so I can breath, but I remember that only my arms work, and I start panicking. It wasn't a nightmare..


 A pair of warm hands, grabs my shoulders and rolls me to the side, and I face William. He let's go instantly, and sits back into his chair.


I sigh, and try to get myself up, but my arms are weak.. William grabs me under my arms, and lifts me into sitting position. I nod. "Thank you" I say thankful..

William looks tired. He's wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and has still dark shades under his eyes from no sleep, I figure. 

"Your welcome" He says. And for a while, there's complete silence..

I decide to break the silence. "Where's my mom?" I ask. Probably a stupid question, but I push the thought away.

"Annabelle.. I'm so sorry. I did what I could. I contacted her..I even shoved up at her house.. But she would not come out. " He half whispers. His voice is pure, and I can tell that he isn't lying.

I sigh.. "Why wouldn't she come out?" I ask confused by the thought of my mom, not wanting to leave the house to come, and see me. William swallows hard.. "Annabelle.. You don't need to be bothered with that, you need to recover a bit" he says.

I cross my arms, and close my eyes in pain, because I remember, I can't cross my legs, or jump out of the bed and run to her.. "William" I say. I open my eyes again, and look at William. His eyes are closed in frustration. "I wish you would stop calling me that" He whispers. I look at him in confusion.

"Why?" I ask. He opens his eyes, and smiles. "Everybody calls me William.. Call me Will" He says.

I shake my head no. "Why?" I ask. William, or Will smiles at me. "By calling me Will it means that you have a different opinion about me, that you know the real me, and have chosen to call me by my nickname" He says, and grins for a while.


The nurse from yesterday, comes in with a tray. She sets it down at the table next to Will, and leaves the room. Will hands me a glass of water, and my hunger takes over. I've never been so hungry. I drink the water quickly, and Will hands me a sandwich.

After I've eaten, and I'm finally full, I take the opportunity break the silence.

"Will? Why wouldn't my mother come and see me?" I ask.

Will sighs. "Annabelle, you must understand, that she might not have chosen to do this, but..

She said.. Annabelle it was terrible. She said she didn't have a daughter.. I am so sorry.." He says.

I just nod. "Maybe.. Will? Would you do something for me?" I ask. Will nods. "Of course" he says.

I nod one more time. "I need to get out. I want to leave this hospital. But I also want to visit my mom, just one last time.." I say. Will is about to object, but I put up a hand. "Please Will?" I ask.


He nods,stands up and leaves the room. After awhile he comes back, with a wheelchair. I sigh, and look down at my legs. Wake up!

But they won't move.. I lay back into the pillows, and nod at Will. He lifts me up, and places me in the chair, and it hits me.. This chair will be my home, forever.


I sigh, and wipe away the tears that has appeared out of nowhere. "Let's go" I say, as Will grabs the handles on my chair, and starts rolling me out of the room, down the hall and out into fresh air.

I recognize the city. Small yellow houses, with christmas decorations that lights up in the dark. I feel the cold air to my face, and I start to get cold. Will notices, and takes of his jacket, that I hadn't noticed he'd put on. He gives it to me, and I lay it over my shoulders and feel the warmth of his body.

"Aren't you going to be cold?" I ask, concerned. Will shakes his head no. "No, I will not" He says.


I nod, as we drive down the street, and my house turns up. We get closer and closer, and I can see the smoke coming up, and I sigh with relieve. She's home..

"You know.. When the doctors were examining you, I saw that you had a lot of scars on your back.. Where did you get them?" He asks, to distract me from the sight of my house coming closer and closer as we drive.


I shrug, something I'm thankful for, to still be able to do. "Did you know robots can't turn left and then right very fast, and when they try they collapse?" I ask with a smile on my face. "No.. But good to know" Will says, and I can almost imagine him smiling behind me.

"Well.. Once, a robot tried to do it, and I laughed.. An elf saw me and.. Well. That's why I have scars on my back to this day" I say. Will slows down. "It did what to you?!" He says in frustration.

I nod. "But don't worry about that. It can't punish me if I'm in a wheelchair.. That's punishment enough.. Besides. I think my laughing muscle is below.. Where I'm paralyzed" I say, and Will and I laugh.. "You've been sitting in a wheelchair for 15 minutes, and you still make jokes. Amazing" Will says. I shrug and smile. "I have to do that to survive this depressing time" I say. Will laughs, and stops.


We're outside my house now.







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