Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


6. December 6th

Training was a lot harder than I realized. Being prepared to through a knife at any time, or an arrow, is one of the hardest things. My reflects are terrible, and William keeps coming up behind my back, with a knife to my throat.

It's not just training, that includes sweating like a pig, and being sore in every muscles possible, but the mental training as well. I have to sit an hour each day, and stare at things. One day it's a bell, another day it's a piece of blank paper.

I also have to read for 30 minutes each day, which I actually enjoy.



William is cold. If I fall, he shouts for me to get up. If I refuse, he calls an elf, and leaves the room, mumbling something like "Do what necessary".

After the elf has whipped my back until it's bleeding, he comes back in, says we continue tomorrow, and leaves without another word.


My back's sore from the punishing, and my eyes are hurting.

I lie in bed, thinking of ways to get out of this hellhole. I wan't to escape, I wan't it to be in front of William, and I wan't him to watch me leave.. And know that his hands are empty.

I've made up all sorts of small plans, that I seek to do.. I just have to find out how to get them all together as one.


I know one thing for sure, I don't have much time before I have to fight for my life..

I know that if I survive, I will end up with Santa, and get kill in under a year, and if I don't survive the fight, there's no mercy and I'll die.

But I also know, that if I won't change these selections, no one will.

I fall asleep instant after that thought.


When I wake up, I can't move. My body rejects every movement with an extreme pain. It's in my veins, and it burns. I open my mouth to call for help, as the door opens, and William steps in.

"Late for training are you?" He says coldly. I shake my head no, and a screaming pain shoots up through my neck. I swallow hard. "I.. I can't move William" I say, and I realize my voice is a whisper.

He crosses his arms, lifts and eyebrow, and looks confused. "You.. Can't move?" He asks.

I try to nod, but close my eyes in pain. "Yes" I say. He laughs, and moves over to the closet, where he takes out my suit, and throws it on the bed. "Skip breakfast. Training in 5 minutes" He says coldly, as he walks out the door. I try to catch my breath, but I can't.. I'm panicking.

I try to move, but it hurts. I end up on the floor, and I can't feel my legs.

The door opens, and William sits down next to me. He looks up and down at me, and looks confused.

"Didn't I specifically tell you to be ready to train in five minutes?" He asks.

I gasp for air, and swallow, as I get myself up on my elbows. He shakes his head. "It has been 5 minutes.. Are you going to train in your nightgown?" He asks in a cold tone, and my hair in my neck rises. "William.. I can't feel my legs" I whisper.


William ignores me. "You can't feel your legs? Can you feel this?" He says, as he pulls out a knife and cuts my arm. I gasp in pain, and he looks at me. I can't hold back the tears.. "William. Please. Something is wrong.. My legs.." I whisper.


He shakes his head no. "Your lying!" He screams at me, and I gasp, still crying. I take a deep breath, now that I can, and look him in the eye. "I am not lying! And I.. I can't breath.." I whisper.

I faint instanly, and the last thing I hear, is William shouting my name...



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