Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


4. December 4rth

I wake up, with a scream, when I realize, I'm not home.

I try to roll out of the uncomfortable bed, but my wrists and feet are tied to the bed. And I panic.

A door opens, and I see a shadow moving closer to my bed, and I suddenly feel dizzy.

I look up, and recognize William instant. His eyes are closed in frustration.


I realize I'm wearing a nightgown. It's purple and goes all the way down to my knees.


Nothing happens, and I start wrestling with the rope, that ties me to the bed. William opens his eyes, and he looks confused and irritated.

"You'll never get out of those ropes you know" He says coldly.

I give up, and lie still. He shakes his head. "How did you end up this way?" He asks, as his look goes up and down my body, and I shiver a bit. I focus on his face, and lie completely still.

"Are you not going to answer me?" He asks, as he looks around. His voice sounds more and more british. Like a knife, classy and sharp.


I shake my head no, as I stare at him. "I hate you" I almost spit the words out.

William smiles, and it reaches almost his eyes, and lights up his face.

"Hate is still an emotion, so you still feel something for me" He says with a smile.


I shake my head no, and he laughs. "Well. Then I don't hate you" I say coldly.

I swallow hard. "I despise you" I snap at him, but his face still remains filled with light.

"You know, to 'despise' is what we use as 'hate' in England" He laughs.

I sigh, and start wrestling with the ropes again. He puts a finger to his lips, and make a "ssshh" sound, to quiet me down. "Annabelle.. Lie still.. Please?" His look is intense, as he speaks.

I obey, and sigh.


"I..Why.. Please?" I ask. He smiles, and sits down on a chair next to me.

"I bet you have a question or two for me?" He asks, gently smoothing out his dark hair.

"Why am I bound to a bed, why am I wearing a nightgown? And why did you give me that drink?" I ask.


He nods, as he thinks carefully about his words. "First of all.. Your tied to this bed, obviously because you fought against the elf that took you away from your mother, I believe" He says, and shrugs.


 The sound of my mother makes my heart sinks in my chest, and I feel numb. William takes one look at me, before he continues. "Second.. I do not know why you are wearing a nightgown. Would you rather not wear anything at all? Or do you prefer a different color, maybe the color of the eyes of your boyfriend?" His voice turns cold, and he looks down. I shake my head no. "Boyfriend? Who?" I ask confused, that he brought that up.


"That Ronald boy seemed pretty frustrated that you got chosen" He says, still not looking up.

"He was my brothers best friend, before.." I swallow. William looks up at me. Confused.

"My brother volunteered to be an elf, a few years back.. It broke my mothers heart" I almost whisper. Just the thought of it, makes me want to find my mother, and hug her. But then I realize she's not here. William nods. "I am sorry" He says. But it doesn't comfort me.


"I might feel something about you, but you certainly don't feel anything about me, otherwise you wouldn't have picked me" I say.


I watch confused as he stands up, walks over to my feet, pulls out a knife from his pocket, and cuts open the ropes, whereafter he cuts open the ropes around my wrists.

I'm free.








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