Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


3. December 3rd

I walk into this huge room, where you can see your reflection in the floor and in the loft.

There's high to the loft, and glittering lamps threatens to fall dawn and crush me. The room is light, with white walls and classic white chairs and tables. There's hundreds of people. They fill out the room, and makes it hard to get through. I decide not to go to the front, to see the stage where Santa will be sitting. I find a chair, and sit down. I get a sight of my mom, and she waves, after she disappears into the crowd. I sigh, and look around. My eyes stop at William Marshall. He sits higher up, and looks fascinated down on the crowd. A man next to him, knight, with gray hair and wrinkles, points down at my direction. William looks at him for a moment, and follows his finger. I quickly look down, afraid that he might be pointing at me. I look up quick, and see William looking confused at me. He nods, and says something, and an elf quickly comes over. He whispers something to the elf, and it looks over at me. I watch, half frozen as the elf nods, and disappears. I look confused at William, and he returns my look, and nods. My faces feels suddenly warm, and I bite my lip and look away. I bite to hard, and taste my own blood, it tastes like metal and dirt.

I almost jump, when someone touches my shoulder. I turn and see the exact elf William was talking to, a few minutes ago. It hands me a glass, and I shake my head no. It nods, and I take the glass.

I look up at William for guidance, but his face is expressionless, so I shrug and swallow the water in the glass.


I realize just as fast, that it was a bad idea. Everything turns blue and green, and my head hurts. I look around, but it's to late. I get dizzy and fall of my chair. My elbow saves me from hitting my head, and

I try to get up, but it's like all strength has disappeared from my body.

I suddenly don't care anymore, I just wanna lie here and sleep, but my eyes won't close. They're half open, half closed.


I open my mouth to shout, but nothing comes out. I regret ever believing a knight!

He's probably laughing at me right now, lying here. Half conscious.

I hear the intro music start, and I panic. It's started. I lie as still as I can, as I hear a blur of names shouted out to the crowd and people applause.

Annabelle Highway..


And suddenly I'm up. I don't know how I did it, but my feet are walking towards the stage. My arms hangs dead down my sides, and I'm looking down.

Don't do it!

My head is screaming for me, to turn and run away. But I can't control my own body.

I jump onto the stage, and I face William. Suddenly I can feel the drink fading, and I feel myself having control, and I just stare confused. "What've you done?" I whisper, so nobody can hear it, except him. I'm still dizzy from the drink.


His face is cold as ice. "Get into line" He snaps at me.

An unexpected tear glides down my cheek, as I line up..

Santa takes a round, where he walks around looking at us. My heart skips a beat, as he passes me.

After taking a round, santa walks over to William, and there's complete silence.

My heart pounds, and threatens to jump out of my body.

Santa smiles at William, and coughs.

"That Annabelle girl, with the green eyes and black hair" He says.


The next name is a blur to me,

I'm about to fall, when an elf grabs my arms and yanks me away from everybody. And panic runs trough my veins. Mom.

"Mom!" I scream as loud as I can, in the hope that she will hear it.

My old mom, with gray hair, and fragile bones, tries to climb up the stage, as she screams in terror.

"Not my daughter! Please! Annabelle!" She shouts as, an old man grabs her gently. and tries to get her away, before an elf gets there first. Tears runs down her cheek, as she gets pulled down.

"Mom! I love you.. I'll be all right Mom! I love you!" I shout, as the door gets closed.

I can't hold the tears back any longer..

She's gone...






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