Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


31. December 31rst




"Where's the boy?" Howard asks coldly.

I laugh, and look into his deep blue eyes. "Do you even know his name, do you even care?" I ask.

Howard shakes his head in frustration. "What do you want?" He says.

I clap my hands together. "Oh. Howard. I have to ask.. Do you know?" I ask.

Howard looks up in confusion. "What?" He asks. I smile. "You're my dad. Did you know?"  I ask.

My heart skips a beat, when I see Howards reaction. He laughs. "Yes. I knew. And I'm ashamed" He laughs. I squeeze my eyes together. "You took my life away from me, you know that? Mom cried on every one of your birthdays." I say coldly at him. Howard looks at me in confusion. "Did she?" he asks, breathless. I nod. "I guess she was ashamed too, of you being my dad" I throw at him.

Howard turn cold. "You're not my daughter. You filthy.." He says but gets interrupted by Williams coughing. He looks at Will, and smiles. He has his weapon. I remain cold. He walks over and puts his arm around William. I look at William and our eyes meet. I feel the anger and the sorrow building up inside of me. I see nothing but coldness inside William. Howard smiles. "I see you remember William? Well William, I'll hate for you to do this, but would you mind, cutting that girls throat open?" Howard asks. Williams jaw sets, but he remains cold as ice. "But then, she lives for a while. Why not just stab her in the heart?" William joke, and I hear Caleb laughing, next to his fiancé Aimée.William doesn't show any emotion. I hear Aimée saying under her breath something like "good one Will"


I'm hallow inside. 


"Okay then William" Howard laughs, and William stands out from the crowd.

I see Alexander trying to grab Williams sleeve to stop him, but Kevin grabs his hand and pulls him back. Jamie stands by Kevin, and looks down into the floor. The tears rolling down his cheeks.

Conan is looking up from corner to corner. Deep in thought.


I see out the corner of my eye, William grabbing the sword, I had at the Santa fight.

I make eye contact with Alexander. I look into his brown eyes, and I feel his misery. I open my mouth, and form the word Run. Alexander nods.

William is about 3 feet away, when I hear metal landing on the ground. I look up at Kevin,Jamie and Alexander. They've all thrown their weapons. I see Howard looking at them in confusion.

"RUN!" Alexander screams, and the three guys turn, and run as fast as they can, out a door.

I hear Howard swearing, but he looks at William, and smiles. William is standing in front of me. I see Howard pressing a button, and my chair disappears, and I scream when I land on the ground. I feel my bones in my right hand crack crack crack.

The pain is burning in my hand, and it feels like someone put about a 100 needles into my hand, ripped out my bones, and crushed them. I scream and grab my hand. I look up at William through my wet eyes. "DO IT! DO IT! YOU COWARD! KILL ME!" I scream, the tears still rolling down my cheeks.


William puts up the sword, and I see his eyes, blue now. Filled with anger. I hear a boy scream, and I look up. Chris is standing at the door, and looking at William in horror. William hesitates, to look at Chris. Chris points at him, and shout something.

Behind him, shows up 50 people or more..


Included my mother and Noah. All with weapons...







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