Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


2. December 2nd


Something has changed.

I look at a poster, that's almost vanished because of the horrible atmosphere,  it's covered in fake silver, and decorated to be as attractive as possible. It says something about "Santa claus is coming to town"

There will only be chosen 25 elfs this year, and it's happening in 2 hours at the birth of the city. The centrum of our city and country.

I sigh, and start walking in the direction of the place that's described. It's a bit cold, so I put on my gloves, and I'm pleased by the warmth..


It's weird that there'll only be chosen 25 this year. What's changed? I'm almost there, when I realize that I'm walking on a road, I shouldn't be walking on. It's an old road filled with cracks and stones you might fall over. But I haven't fallen yet. The houses near me are decorated with chains of light and fake christmas trees, but there's no light in any of them. They're all brown and boring.


A shadow appears around a corner, and I gasp. Caught.

But it's not an elf, its a knight, he's tall, thin and at the same time muscular.  He wears a black blazer, jeans and white shirt under the blazer. He has a symbol on his jacket with a red K on it.

He moves quickly over to me, and I see his shinning green eyes and his curly black hair as he gets closer. He looks annoyed and I'm alarmed. I straighten up, and look as expressionless as possible. He walks one round around me, and my heart starts pounding in my chest, I'm afraid he'll hear it..

He sighs, and stands in front of me with his arms crossed over his chest. "You're not an elf are you?" He asks.


He must be new, because every knight knows how an elf looks like.

The knights must be up on 6 members about now.

But he doesn't seem as cold and expressionless as the other knights.

I shake my head no, and relax a bit. His chin flies up, and his look is cold as ice. "Look at me, little girl" He demands.


That totally ticks me off, and I look at him, and lift an eyebrow. "I'm not a little girl" I snap at him, and I regret the words for a moment, until I realize, that his look is not cold anymore, it's amused.

"Well what are you then?"He asks with a smile.

 I look at him stiffly. "I'm just as old as you" I say as cold as I can.

 He shakes his head no, and lets out a short laugh, that reveals a perfect set of teeth. "How old am I then?" He asks, and try to keep a serious face.

I cross my arms, and answer; "About 16 or so" His jaw sets, and I can see in his face that I'm right.

"What's your name?" He asks in a cold tone, that surprises me.

I shiver, and swallow. "Annabelle and yours?" I ask nervously.


"William Marshall" He answers annoyed.

I nod.

"Well. Mr. Marshell. I really need to get going, Santa will choose his elfs in a moment, and I need to be there" I say cold, as I look past him. There's no one around.

He nods. "Well. You crossed our rule, you are not allowed to be here" He says coldly, and I realize he has a hint of british to his voice. I look down at my feet. "I am sorry" I say and pray he'll let me go.. But kind of not..

His hand flies down to my chin, and he lifts my face up to face him. His eyes are judging, and I get nervous of his soft touch. He smells of the ocean, which is weird.

He moves my head from side to side, but locks his eyes on mine, and I realize I've blushed. I look down in embarrassment.

My heart pounds, as I wait for my punishment. But it never comes.

He lets go of my chin, and takes a step back. He looks down, and I'm chocked to see him blush.

He's a knight! How can he be blushing, when he could ring a bell easily, and have me punished.


"I suppose you have your right to be on your way, but don't let this happen again" He says coldly, turns and starts walking, heading for the birth of the city.

"I can't promise I won't want to" I whisper, and start to walk towards the place where santa will be choosing his elfs.








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