Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


29. December 29th

(Don't try to change yourself, because if you want to be like the others, then you're not yourself anymore? Why be like the others, when you could be  you? Because being yourself, is actually the coolest ever!)  



I lie on the ground on what feels like hours. I hear a lot of clicking sounds. I know the cameras are watching me. I pull myself up on the elbows. I grab a stick that stands in a corner. I scream in pain, when I use all my strength to pull myself up. I lean onto the wooden stick, as I finally stand. I look into the door.


"You think. You're strong. But you don't know what 'strong' is. I am strong! Whenever you knock me down, I'll pull myself back up. And you can never get rid of me. Because I will never disappear! Good always wins over evil. This is a fight between goodness and evilness! And I will win! No matter if the people I love stands by me or not! I will stand! I will fight to the end, and after that!" I scream at the door. I know they're all watching. I feel my stick cracking. I grab my chair, and lift myself into it.


I grab a knife in a drawer in the hall, and hold it closely.

I roll into the kitchen, and I see Williams empty chair.. I feel hallow again.


There's a note on the chair. I grab the note, and read;



I know what you're trying to do, and I want you to keep fighting. 

Since you were little you have always been speciel. I want you to use that against him.

I told you, that you're father died. He didn't. I didn't wanted to hurt you, by telling you who your father is, because you would never forgive me for picking such a horrible man. 

Noah's not your real brother Annabelle. He's your cousin. My sister got killed in the revolution that happened when you were born. She was a fighter too. Her husband died in a war in France, and Noah had nobody but me. I took him in, and raised him like my own. He knows I'm not his mother. But I didn't wanted to tell you. I was scared. But after seeing how strong you are, I know I should have told you a long time before. 

I want you to use your pain against him. You know what I taught you when you were little?

Use your pain for good. Let your anger be a skill.

I love you, and I promise you. That we'll meet again. 

I love you, and I believe in you.

Love mom.

I read the note 3 times, and I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks.

I pull myself together, and wipe the tears away, as I hear something knocking on the door.

I roll over to the door, and open it. I see four elfs in their suits. One is holding Noah in a tight grip. He has bags under his eyes, and he looks tired and thinner.

 I grab the handle, and pull it, with great force, out of the door. I press a red button, and I fly out of my chair. I feel myself flying in the air, and my stomach tickles. I pull out my knife. "Let Noah go! And I'll go with you" I scream at the elfs. Noah is the only one looking surprised.


An elf nods, and pushes Noah inside. He flies up, and screams in confusion. I grab his hand, as he flies up. "It's okay Noah. It's okay. I'm here" I say, and kiss his hand. He looks at me, and sighs in relief. I swallow, and I land on my stomach. I scream in pain, as an elf yanks me up from the floor, and press a shocking pen to my throat. I scream in pain as it reacts on my body, and my bones get shocked. They lift me, and walk out the door. "Red button on the stairs!" I scream at Noah, and I scream as I feel another shock to my throat. I want to shout, but I can't.







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