Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


28. December 28th


"Howard called" Willian yells.

I sigh, and roll into the kitchen of Aimée and Wills house. "I'll call" I interrupt Will as he looks at me. His face lights up, and I have to convince myself that it's because of me. I still can't believe he picked me, when he could have any girl, and I mean ANY girl, he wanted.




I pick up a small stone like figure. I put it up to my neck, and stick it there.

I press it hard, to see if it's holding on. It is. "Hello? Howard?" I ask. I hear an annoyed laugh. Howards face shows up on the big screen in the kitchen. He looks me deep in the eye, and I'm frighten, though he can't touch me. He smiles a smile that makes my hair on my neck rise.


"What do you want from me Howard?" I ask in a cold tone. Howard laughs. "I just wanted to call you, to check that you were still alive" He grins.

I look at his picture in confusion. "Why wouldn't I be alive Howard?" I ask, and as soon as the words leave my lips, my heart skips a beat because I know the answer.


"Dear Annabelle.. You think you are safe. In the home of William. But what you must realize is. You're never safe as long as I'm alive. The people you love, betray you. And you will end up alone. Unprotected. And I will come.. And you will loose your fight. And I might even let you take your last breath. It's just the matter of time Annabelle" Howard says with a smile, calm and frightening.


"You don't scare me Howard" I force myself to say, and try to keep calm. And not look at William.

"I might not be frightening now, behind a screen. But I know where you are. William could change his mind you know. Caleb already did. I could have my warriors come for you in short time" Howard answers.


I swallow. "William would never hurt me" I threaten Howard.

"We'll see. Maybe. Maybe not. He, at least needs to know what he'll loose if he chooses you" Howard says and smiles. I'm reminded of the times Will hurt me, I push the thought away,

He turns to look at Will. I swallow and look at him. Will hesitates, and faces Howard.

He swallows hard, and Howard smiles. "William.. Aimée is sitting here in the other room. She's crying. She's devastated.. If you come. You'll see her again, you'll be a knight. And oh! I called your father. He is on his way over here" Howard says coldly.


Will closes his eyes deep in thoughts. He says something under his breath. It sounds like "Howard"

Howard sighs. "Be here tomorrow before 9 pm" Howard whispers.


The screen turns black, and I throw away the telephone stone. It hits the floor, and crashes into millions of pieces.

I sigh in exchaustion. I look at William. He's sitting on a chair. Tears are rolling down his cheeks, and I can't look at him.The pain is crushing me from the inside.


I roll into my room, close the door behind me, and weep. I gasp for my breath and throw myself out of the chair. I bite my hand, to kill my scream. I crawl on my elbows, grab a pillow and weep into it. My heart is pounding, but I don't care. I keep crying.


After a while. I feel a pain in my chest. I push myself up to lie on the back, and try to catch my breath. I feel hallow.

I hear a door slam. And I lie alone in the room, hallow and breathless.



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